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Recent posts by Richard Jackson


Like Noel said,

Can you edit these fields somewhere in your application? If you can, it would be useful to use regular expressions to prevent users from entering strings in invalid formats. However, in my application the user is not allowed to enter values for "rate" or for "date", so there is no reason to use regular expressions.

If I do not have any edit operations,do I never need to use "regular expressions" to limit each field format?

That also implys that I only consider String format for all fields while I do read /write /update /delete action, doesn't that?

8/ Borders are over fussy.

Yes, too many borders might affect the whole visual effect of GUI.

But in your GUI design,would you like to share some brilliant and great?
Thanks in advance.

1)In your GUI frame,what menu items are there?

2)It is just your main window which is used to start program, do you never use mode flag "alone" and "server" to begin program seperately?

I don't have this problem because when the user wants to change a value, he presses a button and a update frame is openned.

As you mean, a new frame which ask user for enter update record info will occurs,won't it?

In Database Schema part of instructions file,there are two fields "rate" and "date" with specialized format.

Should I use regular expression to limit format of the strings?
Would you please explain that?


If you want to use AbstractTableModel .All methods in the interface must be implemented.
Usually,you need to provide three methods:

You have still second selection - consider to use DefaultTableModel.

Nice to look your post.

In my another similar post "writeUTF() and writeBytes()",we just discussed the character encoding problem.

According to Max and Andrew' previous posts,we should use which between "US-ASCII" and "UTF-8" charsets?

Because there is the same sentence in our instructions file,

All text values, and all fields (which are text only), contain only 8 bit characters, null terminated if less than the maximum length for the field. The character encoding is 8 bit US ASCII.

Hope you or others' reply.

You has a good assume,I think,especially that help menu contains menu item to tell user help info in userguide.txt.

But I was still wondering... What role does this frame have in your project?
Which one do you select staring mode between command argument and menu?
I do same thing like Anton.
According to instructions file,

The character encoding is 8 bit US ASCII.

I modify the line of code as follows,

Am I right?
Thanks all of you.

I just read the posts after I got through my two weekend days.

The constructor of String class contains two arguments, the second is charsetName.
According to Charset API, we can write it as "US-ASCII" or "UTF-8".

Which one is right in this code? Please comment continously. :roll:
[ August 30, 2004: Message edited by: Richard Jackson ]
In DataInput interface, there are writeUTF(String str) and writeBytes(String s) methods.

There is a sentence in instructions.html,

All text values, and all fields (which are text only), contain only 8 bit characters, null terminated if less than the maximum length for the field. The character encoding is 8 bit US ASCII.

According to request of instructions,which one is more appropriate to write String into file?

It looks simple but I have been confused for a long time.Please comment and clarify!


Your GUI above looks well and contains all components.
But only a frame is not enough to analyze the shortage in it.

Although the GUI might be not ideal,your totle score is GREAT!
Would you like to share your design experiences in other parts of your assignment?

Thanks in advance.
I ever noticed many people have great procedures to implement data consistency.

Similar topic was discussed by some threads in this forum.

I ever always did many exercises so as to try data access.

Perhaps it is important to each assignment and development.(IMO)

Who has any suggestions about data consistency?
I understand and agree to Hanna's statement.

Primary key is exactly unique and important in database.

But I am wondering that we require some effective ways to solve wrapping record object.
According to instructions.html,we should build a record class to ensure module arrangement for all objects in URLyBird or other project.

So I attempt to create some getter and setter methods to construct the record class.

If someone have some different suggestions,please comment and share with me.

I attempt to make the program use specified property file when the program starts.Base steps I assumed like this:

1)Start main program with appropriate mode flag;
2)If starting the server GUI,and then open the specifed data file;
3)As the moment,the action wrapped by event listener try to read the property file. If it does not exists,the program create a property file;
4)Reading cookie of file header from data file if the file is valid;
5)Finish opening data file and save properties into previous created property file;
6)Continue excuting other data access functions ...

Anyone has any suggestions? Please correct and criticize for me.