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Thanks for the remarks.
My idea was to consider the usability of the application as well, having to type in exactly a name like "Buonarotti & Company"(ex from the db).I'd never want such an app...
But maybe that's my biggest problem with the entire app, do you go for a handy tool for the users or do you stick with the exact specified requirements.
Guess everything depends on how thing are evaluated...
Hi Rag,
I've got exactly the same assignment and faced the same problem.
I decided to implement the find as defined, meaning with startsWith but ignoring the case.
In my gui search is possible on name, location and specialitie. Added specialitie because of the general specs saying "..they take requests from home owners for a type of service...".
Didn't filter, maybe better for the specs but just seems stupid, then you can as well read in
the entire db and create dropdowns.