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Recent posts by Vicky Bajaj

Hi Santosh:

I scored 96% in SCWCD. The best way according to me is to follow Servlet and JSP specifications and SCWCD Study Guide by Hanumant Deshmukh.

All the best for SCWCD !!!

Vicky Bajaj

17 years ago
Just cleared SCBCD with 92%. I would like to thank all the people, who helped me. HF EJB book by Kathy and Bert is an excellent book. I would say SCBCD Study guide by Mikalai Zaikin is must to have (Excellent Work).

Thanks Mikalai Zaikin.

17 years ago
Adding more to it

1. EJB Spec
2. SCBCD Study Guide ( is very good
3. You can try whizlab exam simulator
I am not very sure but what I think is because ejbCreate and ejbRemove in stateful session bean are controlled by Calling client i.e. when you call home.remove(...) on Stateful session bean, the container invokes ejbRemove and same as with home.create(..). So in Client identity is available in ejbCreate and ejbRemove that's why access to Resource managers and other enterprise beans is allowed in ejbCreate and ejbRemove methods in Stateful session bean.

Someone pls correct if I am wrong.
The hashCode method must return the same value for two objects which are equal, and it should attempt to distribute the hashCode values relatively evenly. The first implementation, shown below, is efficient and correct, but it does not distribute the hashCode values at all. This hashCode implementation transforms any hash table into a list and forces linear searches. Clearly, this defeats the whole purpose of having an indexed data structure
public class MyPk
public String str;
public int i;
public byte b;
public MyPk() {}

private int hash = -1;
public int hashCode() {
if (hash == -1) {
hash = str.hashCode() ^ i ^ b;
return hash;

An efficient equals implementation
public final class MyPk ...
public boolean equals(Object o) {
if (o == this) return true;
if (o instanceof MyPk) {
MyPk other = (MyPk) o;
return other.hashCode() == hashCode() &&
other.i == i && other.b == b &&
} else {
return false;
go to this link "" and enter your details and you will see your certification details. It's really helpful when you want to show your certifications to your employer
What do you mean by Set of tables ?

In Entity Bean, we define abstract schema for an Entity bean. how do you define abstract schema for set of tables
Today I passed IBM 158 with 62%. Thanks to Javaranch.
I suggest for this paper, one should have good experience with WebSphere extensions and should have working experience.
I studied almost every red book,suggested by people but......
Vicky Bajaj
Sun Certified Java Programmer
Sun Certified Web Component Developer
IBM Certified Specialist – IBM WebSphere Application Server, Advanced Single Server Edition for Multiplatforms, V4.0
I have to validate a XML document against Schema using JDOM API. Can anyone tell me or send me the example code for this. I have got some code from but when I follow the same thing in my code it says
"org.jdom.JDOMException: Error on line 2 of document file:///D:/Demo.xml: cvc-elt
.1: Cannot find the declaration of element 'Demo'."
my XML file name is Demo.xml
and Schema name is Demo.xsd
If anyone can help.
Thanks in advance.
But I don't have PC with BlueTooth support. Anyways thanks for suggestion.
20 years ago
I don't have dedicated GSM Modem for my wireless application. Can I use Nokia 7650 as a GSM Modem.
Please suggest me how to use Nokia Phones as GSM Modem.
20 years ago