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You can read this book:
Java how to program by deitel deitel
There's no e-book on it, so u might have to buy.
after reading it, i think u can do ur program urself.
hope this will help..
18 years ago
thanks for ur reply.
I know about ur idea, but it's under assumption that the URL that we're trying to connect is not down.
Isn't that right ?
18 years ago
I need to create a program that check whether the computer has a connection to the internet or not.
If not, the program should dial the default connection.
Do some stuff.. and then disconnect it.
- Windows NT/2000/XP
- modem is on and ready to use
- has a valid internet account.
many thanks...
18 years ago
It is really simple text file.
The file will contain userId and password to login to server.
I need to create a java app that will encrypt that store id & pwd.
My logon program will decrypt that file and use it for login.
18 years ago
Hi all,
I need to create a java program that will encrypt a file (maybe using twofish) based on unique ID for the key. (I was thinking something like our computer machine ID)
So no one can decrypt the file from other computer (unless they know my machine ID).
I've been searching the API but couldn't get it.
Has anyone ever done this before ?
Any other suggestion of doing this ?
Many thanks in advance
18 years ago