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Recent posts by mads pawar

27. What is correct about event handling in Java?
A) Java 1.0 event handling is compatible with event delegation model in Java 1.1
B) Java 1.0 and Java 1.1 event handling models are not compatible
C) Event listeners are the objects that implements listener interfaces.
D) You can add multiple listeners to any event source, then there is no guarantee that the listeners will be notified in the order in which they were added.
ans given B,C,D,
I think c is not correct
listeners are itself interface. or it should be like
Adapter classes implements listener interface
//please explain whether i am right or wrong.
22 years ago
Which statements are true concerning the effect of the >> and >>> operators?
select all valid asn.
one of the corrcect ans given is
(d)The value returned by >>> will never be negative as long as the value of the right operand is equal to or greater than 1.
i think it is not correct ans.
int i=-1;
system.out.println("using >>> and right op is >1 :res : "+i>>>32);
out put: using >>> and right op is >1 :res : -1
22 years ago
i got this que on
Essentials of the JavaTM Programming Language is
(by Dana Nourie and Monica Pawlan)

7. When a program class implements an interface, it must provide behavior for...
A. Two methods defined in that interface.
B. Only certain methods in an interface.
C. Any methods in a class.
D. All methods defined in that interface
given ans:
D When a program class implements an interface, it must provide behavior for all methods defined in that interface. See Lesson 4
I think D is not correct becaz if the class implementing that interface is abstact then it is not necessary to define all the methods declared in the interface.
so what's the ans?