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Recent posts by sunil choudhary

1 week and nothing substantial... however life can not wait and i need to get over this crossroad.

I have decided to go ahead and take control of Operation and Maintainance. If someone believes  you can do something  whereas you yourself do not - The least you can do is to give it an honest shot.
and leave everything else to God.

(Needless to say i have checked my city for better jobs,moreover  my family can not take another hit for moving to a new city. At least not right now.)

8 years ago
2 years ago I shifted from private sector to public sector job in India. ( I have 15 yr exp so far).
Considering the nascent stage of GOVT of india in IT sector a lot of it is like CMM 1.

I feel a dilemma after finishing 2 yrs in this job

1) if I continue longer I will loose my edge. it's way cosy than private. I am working from home town.
2) 15 yrs exp means it's time to dig your heels deeper in ground instead of fidgeting around with Family.
3) these are contract job 2 yr renewable ( but who can guarantee a job more than 2 yrs in today's changing world)
4) my tech part in current project is over and still they want to retain me for operations and maintainable phase (as in I m also responsible for it)
5) I'm not O &M guy. I like quiet and hate to follow up other people.
6) if I look for change I will most probably have to leave home town.
7) I am trying to shift to other project in IT in public sector. (but am apprehensive of point 1).

Is my experience of working in government sector IT project mean good for my future.
(Basically a public sector IT project is nothing like private sector project. Those who worked might agree. )
A) What are experiences of people outside India who worked for their governments?
B) What are experience of my fellow Indians who are doing/done these public sector jobs? (Maharashtra, AP, Telangana, Kerala, MP, Delhi etc)
C) Are they good for your career.
D) should I continue to O&M Phase. ( this is an accident response system which involves multiple stakeholder who are technology illiterate )

8 years ago
Thanks Roger
Can you/someone else please eloborate a little more on point no 2
In earlier times i would have installed java sdk and setup classpath and i was ready to do coding with java.
In todays scenario i perhaps need to install a lot more.
Will IBM integration bus be the only download and install that i will require on a fresh OS (say on ubuntu box 13.10 ).



Roger Sterling wrote:1. Dive in.
2. IBM Integration Bus. Free download.

10 years ago
Did you try the following on the command prompt

sqlplus system/oracle@xe

whats the result you get back ?
10 years ago

Its been a long time since worked on Java. (1.2 was the last i worked on it mainly core java and some servlets stuff)
I need to get upto speed on Java and cover what all has happened in last 6 years.

1) What do you people suggest is best way to catch up on Java development. (I see so much going around now a daysSOA,ESB, JSON,JAX,Spring, Hibernate,SOAP,)
2) Which software should get me started on my way to learning SOA
Like Application server J2ee based (good ones from open source)
3) Any decent books and websites to kickstart the learning process once again in least possible time.

Thanks you folks for your patience and good vibes.
Sunil Choudhary

10 years ago

I am sorry, i forgot to mention that i am on lookout for quick result.
Believe me i have gone through your replies more than 5 - 6 times. and both of them are spectacular advice for long run.

Will your advice change if I told you I am looking out for results in 2 months time frame. [BTW I really appreciate Mark for reminding me the word "diffrentiator" I believe, it can do Magical things ]

Sunil Choudhary
15 years ago
I am a consultant and I joined my present company 4 years ago. Shortly afterwards got married (perhaps went into comfort zone too), Since then I have worked with 4 different projects in 4 different locations. Recently after coming back from client side I got in touch with my first team.

I realized all these people who were in the same project got a promotion, where as I never insisted on it and the company never bothered.
(There were countless other reasons also like Company buyout, change of project managers at time of appraisal, Change of projects and the biggest of all recession but eventually the result remains the same I did not get a promotion).

Now coming to where i want you folks help.
I have a decent experience of 8 years in Oracle Technologies as DBA/Sys Admin. . But technologies do not run businesses. Its the other way round. Knowing this, I want to learn whatoever are the best available thing that can package my profile. (It should involve to REALLY help clients instead of me just taking care of their Oracle Technologies) and of course deserve that much sought after promotion.

I heard about PMPO and SCRUM. Quite excited about the latter. Are these the right pills
or there are more options that I need to explore.?

What you guys think.

My Resume : One page pdf (116KB)
My website :
15 years ago
My Sound system stopped working I took it to an electrician Who called me A day later and told me he found coins inside.

It turned out my niece was using sound system as her piggy bank and coins had short circuited the internals.
16 years ago
I am having a 2 node cluster of websphere ND

DMGR profile (ND) :9066/ibm/console
APP server profile (ND) :9067/ibm/console

APP server profile (ND) :9065/ibm/console

Now i am trying to deploy Resource adapter using
DMGR profile (ND) :9066/ibm/console

After choosing the node as machine1 and member1 which are both machine1
when i start the deploy it always fails with this error.

"An error occurred while creating a new resource adapter on node myjpswolicmgt03Node06. Verify the node agent is running and the node is synchronized."

i have checked the node and node agents on DMGR profile and both seem running fine. I have also tried restarting the servers but still no luck.

Is there something i am missing. (on single node install. Adding this resource adapter was not a problem at all however in clustered env it is giving problem )
17 years ago
Is there any way i can verify the version of profiles

what i was doing was looking at the version number in the admin console for that profile. Profiles already created do not show the updated version number for the application servers. they still show

however the new profiles created after upgrade show in application server versions
17 years ago
Thanks ..I am able to update it.

one more thing ... wanna ask.

How can i upgrade previously created application Servers profiles and DMGR profiles .

After i upgraded they were not upgraded however if i create a new profile that is with the new version (of course as the binaries creatign the profile must have been the updated ones )

Do i need to redo the entire configuration again.
17 years ago
My experience is with the various technology components.
in this respect it means more about how the user request flows from browser to middle tier to back end and results displayed back to user after all the reporting engines.. and transformations

it may also mean the routine batch processes. that EOD/BOD (end of day /begining of day ) processes
17 years ago
Hi Folks,

At present i have some configurations already running with version of network deployment websphere.

Now i need to upgrade this to
For this i found the download link to be.

however i am getting confused with the option
1) DO i need to install all of the following or is there a all inclusive 1 tar ball or something which can upgrade the version

32-bit x86 AMD/Intel AppServer 14/08/2006 US English 260717307 FTP DD
32-bit x86 AMD/Intel AppClient 14/08/2006 US English 50015092 FTP DD
32-bit x86 AMD/Intel Plug-ins 14/08/2006 US English 19538812 FTP DD
32-bit x86 AMD/Intel IBM HTTP Srvr 14/08/2006 US English 24355586 FTP DD
32-bit x86 AMD/Intel Java SDK 19/06/2006 US English 117745619 FTP DD

2) Will this keep the current configurations intact or i need to redo it.

Sunil Choudhary
17 years ago
Welcome to the club.
17 years ago