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Recent posts by Amanda Fu

I have 3 tables with fields,


Now I need to update table3.col3 with the value based on calculation like (table3.col3 * table1.col1 / table2.col2). How to do this use a update clause?

Any response will be appriciated.
[ September 21, 2004: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
Who could tell me why I cannot register in the above URL? I filled in all the criteria, it says could not find such a user. It's my 3rd sun certified exam.
I want to get property from in a Form or in a Jsp.
How could i give the property value into a variable in Jsp? like:

I know it doesn't work, but that's what I want. <bean:message> can only display the property value, I need to put this value into a variable.
Or is there any way I can get property value easy in my Form?
18 years ago
instead of using <bean:message key=""/>
I want to get this value in my Action class, how could I do it? Thanks for any reply!
18 years ago
I'm new to struts, just wondering where could i find struts tag doc about how to use it replace with the old jsp(including java code) with struts tags? thanks for any help!
18 years ago
I already ordered one, currently it's 30% off, thanks for infor.
Hi Garry, are you the Garry in ecquaria? So nice to meet you here!
since I live outside of usa, no free ship if i order from amazon. anybody know how much is this book in C$?
I have passed SCWCD beta, but want to know my score. where could i get the userid and pw of i7?
Hi everybody,
I'm new to Websphere, could anybody give me some suggestions how to get start? quick document is preferred. Thanks!
18 years ago
I'll very appreciate if you could send them one by one. thanks.
hi Eduardo,
Sorry I donot have any larger mailboxes to get those files
Anyway, thanks for try.
where i am confused is that <context-param> and <init-param>.
context.getInitParamter() will retrieve from <context-param> or <init-param>?
I mean how to get the params defined in DD by method?