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Recent posts by Ion Gherasim

It is very nice. I have one question: what is on RequestDispatcher's forward? Is it used the DD?

Both are OK. If you have a flush and then write the error is done. So b and c.

You will get a GREAT score!!
I agree with Jose. Ritu, which is your reason?
It's a known bug on SUN. Recommendation is to write response on a paper and to the end into the test.
Thank you for answer and suggestion
On real exam exists something similar to "Code Magents" from HFSJ or all questions are SCJP like?
OK, about GET and POST it's clear. Kathy, what is with PUT? Why it is idempotent as long as also have to change data on server's side?
On pages 82, 84 and 87 there is presented that nice beer example but it could be somehow confusing from the part of view: after call the getBrands(c) it is obtained one List and based on iterator the type of beers are on screen. In this particular case the code is working fine. I assume it will not work in case the class BeerExpert have more complex data type. Now it have only the brand name but if it is added the price . As long as it is only the brand name, a String, an implicit cast to String is done into the println but if the price is introduced than iterator returns an object. In order to be more clear I think for the new revision of the book it can be introduce an explicit cast to String
Hello all,
Thank you for answer. Book is really "A Brain-Friendly Study Guide" that permits an accelerated learning. During the process of development we are facing with all kind of API but my question was related only to the exam's requirements. Now everything is clear. Tx
[ September 27, 2004: Message edited by: Ion Gherasim ]
The HF book is great but I have one question: inside the book there are explained a lot of interfaces with some methods and to the end of each it is written: "//MANY more methods" so the real exam will be focused ONLY to the listed methods or CAN cover all interface's methods?
Book is great. Good job!!!
Hi Ram,
Thank you. It's GREAT!!!