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Congratulations Andy
What's next ?
Timeout Seconds means "The time, in seconds, a transaction may be active before the system forces a rollback." i.e. the time web logic server allocates to each transaction for sucess or failure.
Abandon Timeout Seconds means (from bea edocs)"In the two-phase commit process for distributed transactions, the transaction manager coordinates all resource managers involved in a transaction. After all resource managers vote to commit or rollback, the transaction manager notifies the resource managers to act—to either commit or rollback changes. During this second phase of the two-phase commit process, the transaction manager will continue to try to complete the transaction until all resource managers indicate that the transaction is completed. Using the AbandonTimeoutSeconds attribute, you can set the maximum time, in seconds, that a transaction manager will persist in attempting to complete a transaction during the second phase of the commit protocol. The default value is 86400 seconds, or 24 hours. After the abandon transaction timer expires, no further attempt
is made to resolve the transaction with any resources that are unavailable or unable to acknowledge the transaction outcome. If the transaction is in a prepared state before being abandoned, the transaction manager will roll back the transaction to release any locks held on behalf of the abandoned transaction and will write an heuristic error to the server log.
18 years ago
I suspect your XML is not well formed.
Have you looked at u'r managed server logs, access logs and admin server logs. May be you can find more details there.
As a round about way: if you have coded the service method rather then doPost in your servlet then invoke your servlet by typing the servlet url in the address bar with query parameters and see if it is getting inoked or not.
18 years ago
Here is the BEA WebLogic 7.0 e-docs home page. Just do a simple search and you will get all what you want.
18 years ago
Lasse you are very much correct, product development is more of 'feature driven development' then 'user expectations out of system' however one thing which both these approach solves is the requirements for the system under design. So it will very well be requirements captured for Iterative or Waterfall methodology development.
Product development can be handled using either Iterative or Waterfall methodology or may be a mix of 2
Hi Roger,
Here is what I feel for the points you mentioned
1. Always think in terms of real life objects. Assign only those responsibilites, which are relevant to that particular class. Its always said that when one is not clear with adding an attribute to a class or create a new seperate class. Always go with having a new class.
2. You can offcourse have a clas to hold a collection of similar class. but I am not very clear on this. May be some one might put some clear guideline.
3. This depends on the scenario you are talking about. OrderPosition is meant to hold a specific Article detail, but it can also hold details for collection of Article object.
I believe you are deploying your application by specifying them in the classpath.
As Pradeep said, you can use hot deployment by just putting your jar/ear/war in yourdomain/applications folders. That give you the advantage of re-deploying without WL restart.
18 years ago
Did you created the datasource with name jdbc/eppool or eppool.
I believe your .ear file has an entry for jdbc/eppol so you need create a datasource with the same name.
18 years ago
Hi Folks,
Here is the links and related information for WebLogic Specialist certification.
1. BEA WebLogic links consolidated by Rahul - Contains lot of useful details like study notes, bea documentation link, bea newsgroup link.
2. BEA Sample exam -
3. A small but good presentation on BEA certification -
4. Some good online and free tutorial from BEA -
5. Question bank set up by an member of Java ranch group Rashid Ghulam. U can download it from yahoo mail site.
username : beaweblogic2002
password : password
6. Some of the important topics includes EJB, JSP, Servlets, Admin Console. You will find good number of questions on these topics with 2-3 questions on topics like JTA, JMS, Clustering and different DD files.
7. Exam cost 200 USD.
8. The best way to prepare for the exam is to go throught BEA documentations. Some amount of understanding with J2EE will be very helpful since exam covers lot of exams straight from vendor independent J2EE technologies.
Hope this helps.
Modified the URL to the Bea.htm file so that it works fine.
[ September 10, 2003: Message edited by: Rahul Mahindrakar ]
18 years ago
You can add your WAR file in the same EAR file. All you need to do is all the details for the WAR file in the application.xml file as a new module.
The entry will be something like this
18 years ago
Hi Scott,
Currently "BEA Certified Specialist: Server Certification" can be acquired thru prometric exam all other exams requires taking BEA instructor led classes, which are too expensive.
Test objective link:
18 years ago
Dear Lasse,
My last name is 'K R'. I don't want to put full of my last name since that's how I have use it.
In India you will find lot of people with Initials in there last name and so I thought I will be okay with having my name as I always use.

The client transaction will not be rolled back if let say the ejb method invoked by container has transaction attribute = 'RequireNew' so container will rollback only the EJB transaction in case bean has thrown a Remote/EJB exception. (The original transaction was in suspend mode during the invokation of ejb method.)
On the contrary if the ejb method was set with transaction attribute = 'Requires', 'Supports', 'Mandatory' then container will rollback client transaction in case bean throws a Remote/EJB exception.
Hope this help.
Others, please correct my understanding.... its 11:46 PM here
You can try to increase the content length using methods in ServletResponse class.
Seems your content 14017 B (~13KB) is exceeding the weblogic default value.
===From BEA Docs===
The default value of the WebLogic Server response buffer is 12K and the buffer size is internally calculated in terms of CHUNK_SIZE where CHUNK_SIZE = 4088 or 4Kb; if the user sets 5Kb the server rounds the request up to the nearest multiple of CHUNK_SIZE which is 2. and the buffer is set to 8176 or 8Kb.

18 years ago