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Recent posts by Rajiv Goyal

Hi all,
i passed test on 10th Sept and have'nt receieved anything yet from Sun though information has been updated on www.cermanager.net/sun web site and as per site it has been posted on 16th Sept.
Please let me know as how long does it take and is there any contact information(phone no) for the same.
18 years ago
May be i did that purposefully..dunno.. .Anyway, u're not going to change with that; will remain same..
Well, i was wondering if urs was too , 100% !
Lesson for you (based upon my past observations for you : :
Admire others if they deserve, keep mum if u can'nt!
18 years ago
Great Job Deep, only few can achieve 3 figures out of 3(100).Am sure u must be within top few
To Pardeep Bhatt:
How much was your score on SCJP Pardeep , of course if you have it ?
[ September 24, 2003: Message edited by: Rajiv Goyal ]
18 years ago
I am MS(Computer Engineering)and have recently passed SCJP 1.4.I am canadian resident and am on OPT(Optional practical training) in US right now.Worked as java programmer in my school itself.Currently working on SCWCD.
My skill sets: Java,Sevlets,JSP,JDBC,Oracle

Please do contact me at goyalrajivk@yahoo.com in case there is any job requirement ,
Rajiv Goyal
[ September 13, 2003: Message edited by: Rajiv Goyal ]
18 years ago
Hi All,
i passed the SCJP exam today with 77%.Thanks to all for helping me out!
It was a good learning experience.
As far as test is concerned,i found some of questions to be easy.There were 8 questions on thread.Those who are appearing must prepare the topic very well from various books/tutorials as almost half the questions on thread are theoretical; and not based upon code.
In my opinion, its wastage of time to go through questions twice(once quick pass and then regular).My tip:
Answer all questions in first round ,as well as, mark those u r unsure about after answering.You can answer at your best in first go only, only leave those u find very time consuming.That way u answer ~ 50 questions clearly with almost 30-40 minutes remaining.By now u are in good shape and know u can pass the test . Then start from question (61-1)and see/review/unmark all answers quickly and, obviously spend more time on questions u never answered.I feel that makes best utilization of time.
Well, this is my technique, may not work with everybody
At last , Kathy's book is too good!
Any suggestions, if i should go for SCJD or SCWCD first, i want to go for one of them only ,
[ September 11, 2003: Message edited by: Rajiv Goyal ]
18 years ago
thanks all for the answers!
hope you find the link for me..
thanks for your great effort,
Sahir's TestCafe MockTest.Please see my last post for more clarity...
[ September 05, 2003: Message edited by: Rajiv Goyal ]
see the code:

public class Rainbow {
2. public static void main(String[] args) {
3. int count = 0;
4. String[] colours = {"red", "orange", "yellow", "green",
5. "blue", "indigo", "violet"};
6. start: for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
7. switch (i) {
8. case 0:
9. count--;
10. break;
11. case 3:
12. continue start;
13. case 4:
14. count--;
15. break start;
16. default:
17. count++;
18. break;
19. } // switch end
20. count++;
21. }
22. System.out.println(colours[count]);
23. }

1 Standard output will display 'red'.
2 Standard output will display 'green'.
3 Standard output will display 'indigo'.
4 Standard output will display 'violet'.
5 An ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException will be thrown, halting the program

Answer is green(2)
-Lost somewhere in making out flow in continue statement.
Can someway explain the flow clearly with values in each iterations?
if u go through list of mock exams in javaranch; u'll see the name.Of couse, he is not Sahir ludhianvi ....got it?
[ September 04, 2003: Message edited by: Rajiv Goyal ]
[ September 05, 2003: Message edited by: Rajiv Goyal ]
Can anyone let me know as where can i find answers to Sahir's Mock exam?
hi all;
see code in K&B book:
public class island{
island i;
public static void main(String [] arg)
island i2=new island();
island i3=new island();
island i4=new island();
My question is "are last 3 statements necessary for three objects to be eligible for GC?
Please explain me in detail "islands of isolation"
Nice Score Janaki!Congratulations!
Could you please elaborate as what were the points/things which you were missing in your last attempt.Any change in exam taking strategy?
One more query; is time sufficient to answer and review all questions ,
18 years ago
-Can you please elaborate as when an object is eligible for garbage collectionc , i find it bit hard(with eg if possible).Any good link for the same?
-please send me good link related with threads and exception
[ August 26, 2003: Message edited by: Rajiv Goyal ]