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Kathy, Bert, Dan , Marcus Thanks a lot guys.
You Rock!
19 years ago
Hello all,
I just took the SCJP1.4 exam and passed it this morning with 73%.
Apologies for this long post, I hope it helps someone. Most important information are towards the later part of this post.
Here is what I did:
I studied rigorously for three weeks.
I am basically a .Net person( yep!) and was curious about Java.
In order to motivate myself to study java I registered for the exam four weeks ago.
First week--> bought KnB from amazon, goofed around doing nothing...exam was still very far away.
Second week. --> Book arrived. Book was huge, lots of topics to cover...studied each and every word in every chapter and thought I understood the concepts. By the end of this week, I had already forgotten some of the stuff I studied in the beginning. Took the self tests. Spent about 2- 3 hours studying every evening. Completed about 6 chapters.
Third Week--> Completed chap 7, 8, 9 and repeated from the beginning. except this time I made notes of important details in a small book. Result--> better performance. Kept referring to my notes while travelling.
Finished two rounds of the book only three days before the actual test date. I still had not taken any mock exams!! Panic sets in.
I had scheduled my test for a monday so I had the entire weekend to spend on tests.(pat myself on my back)
During the weekend:
Mock Exams :
1. Two exams from KnB ---> Didn't do too well
2. Two Marcus Green's mock test --> got 70% and 72%
3. Read through fives pages of the SCJP certification thread on this site--Javaranch.
4. Took some cattle round up tests
Late night on Sunday I went thorugh Dan Chisolm's tests. ---> got 68%
Mental state : I really hope I pass, although there are not much chances of it. Terrible Head ache.
They say test takers usually underestimate themselves. I was positive about failing. At the end of it all, I thought I had answered only 5 questions correctly. Result --> 73%.
About the Test:
1.Lots of questions on Innerclasses, Garbage collection, Assertions, Threads.
2.Definitely go through Dan's tests and read his explanations. I wish I had done this earlier than the day before the test. The test was most similar to his tests.
3.KnB is the only book I needed.
4.Take Marcus's test --Strangely enough the percentage I got in his tests
was very close to what I got on the real test, although the questions were more like those on Dan's.

Oh by the way I got 100% on five areas :-). Did hopelessly in Threads.
If you have reached this far in the post, congrats you definitely have a chance at passing.
19 years ago