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Recent posts by Ramya Iyer

Hi, I have used cursors in Oracle and executed them from java, however I am not able to find out the DB2 Type to be set in my registerOutParameter. Can anyone suggest what it should be?

DECLARE C1 CURSOR FOR SELECT user_id, pswrd, answ_sec_text FROM indv_temp;

If the input/output is one of the wrapper class datatypes in Java like String, Float, or primitive datatypes, I am aware of how I can create a webservice and using the wsdl create a client using either stub classes or DII.

But if I use custom classes like com.Customer or com.Product as input to my webservice methods and return custom classes as output, what should I send to my client during dev time so that they will have these classes that will be used for input/output. How will this be used by DII mechanism?

Please provide me any reference that will help me to understand how webservice can be used for user-defined classes as input/output to the methods.
I am getting NameNotFoundException...not able to retrieve the local interface from OrderBean.

Context context = new InitialContext();
Object o = context.lookup("java:comp/env/ejb/Shipment");
ShipmentLocalHome home = (ShipmentLocalHome) o;
ShipmentLocal local = home.findByPrimaryKey(new ShipmentKey(shipment_key));

This sets the timeout for establishing connection or to get back the response from the webservice?

If time to establish is 3 seconds, will it wait for 12 seconds for response before timing out or will it wait for 12 seconds?

18 years ago
Using org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpConnection

I am trying to establish a connection using this class from one servlet in one server to another servlet to another server.

I am not sure how I should do it. Is there any snippet of code. I am posting data, but it never reaches my receiving servlet

18 years ago
Hi Bastin Gomez,

Yes, you are right. Mannings book - does not cover some of the topics like EL, JSTL etc. But it is a great book that you can refer for the remaining objectives that are common to both 080 and 081.

Mannings book alone will not suffice for SCWCD 081.

18 years ago
Hi All,

I am glad to say that I have cleared SCWCD. I must say that the syllabus for this exam is really vast. I have learnt a lot of concepts during my preparation for SCWCD. I found that there were lot of questions atleast 5 on EL, JSTL, J2EE patterns and custom tags.

HFSJ explains all the concepts very clearly. I also read Mannings edition for 080 exam. Both these books are really good. I went through the specs for servlet and jstl. Reading through the specs explains a lot more details for every tag in jstl. I think one should read the specs for jstl. I took this exam preparation time as an opportunity to learn all these concepts as much as possible.

I am glad to say that I scored 92% and that it is all over! My next aim is to learn Struts and log4j logging in a formal way reading through books and learn lot on these concepts before I start preparing for SCWBD.

18 years ago

pls go thro the servlet spec. for SingleThreadModel, multiple instances of the servlet would be available based on the request load.

In the case of all other servlets (that do not implement SingleThreadModel) there would be single instance per JVM and multiple threads.

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /result1.jsp(32,0) According to TLD or attribute directive in tag file, attribute value does not accept any expressions

I get this problem whenever for any custom action like <c:set> <c:forEach> i set the attributes to either an el expr. or scripting expr.

For eg. <c:set var="test" value='${ID}'/> gives me this error. I checked the tld file in standard.jar, against forEach for attribute items it says rtexprvalue=true, but when I have <c:forEach var="temp" items='${employeeMap}'> I get the same error. Pls help.
I am not sure what I am doing incorrect....

in my servlet, i added a new header

But I am not able to retrieve the headers set in result1.jsp using both EL and scripting. I thought when view.include is called headers are not sent, but for forward headers are sent to the forwaded page. If that is the case why do I get blank for ${header.fruit} or <%=request.getHeader("fruit")%>. Pls clarify
Resolved it. The bean class should have a no arg constructor when jsp:useBean is along with the class attribute
I am trying out the foo.Person example in HFSJ. I get the following error...
org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /result1.jsp(4,0) The value for the useBean class attribute foo.Person is invalid.

Person class is present in web-inf\classes\foo
in my servlet in have
request.setAttribute("Person","<an object of foo.Person class>");

in my jsp I have
<jsp:useBean id="Person" class="foo.Person" scope="request"/>

What am I doing wrong? Why am i getting this error message?

It works fine when I use scripting, but with useBean tag I face the above error.

Scenaio: - In my jsp code, currently I have a page where a Save button is seen. Clicking on save button would cause the form to be submitted.

Issue: - But sometimes because of network delay, users click the save button many times and hence the submit happens many times and transaction happens multiple times instead of just once.
Solution:- To resolve this issue, we thought once the save button is clicked, using java script, we would pop up message indicating that the transaction is submitted and DISABLE the save button.

We are using a image for Save and hence to show a disabled save, we have created another image called btn-save-disabled.

We are trying to make this change so that it works in both IE and netscape. It looks like onclick() on image does not working in Netscape 4.6.
Which two JSTL URL related tags perform URL rewriting?

I think it is a, e.

Can someone help me in understanding the scope attribute of jsp:useBean tag. If I set the scope to session, would the bean property be accesible using jsp:getProperty tag from any jsp file? Also shd I have the jsp:useBean re-declared in the pages that I would be accesing the property? This is my understanding, but when I tried out with a code, I get the value as null.

Code where I am setting the bean values.

Code 1 - where I access it. It works fine here.

Code 2 - Here I am trying to acess the session bean and it does not work.
I get the value as null

Pls help.

Thanks and Regards,