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Recent posts by Sharon whipple

Hi folks
We have 2 jars that are loaded on the same classloader,
I would like to properly initialize log4j (1.2.15) so it will write to different log location for each jar.

I renamed each log4j property file to the plugin name, but log is created with single line only
Once I use just one jar - The log is working ok,
What am I missing here?

Thank you!
11 years ago

Eric Pascarello wrote:It is invalid HTML when you have a form in a form.

I splited the two forms, and its working fine,
Thank you for your help!
Hi all,
With ie 9 i got Wrong layout when simple table is wrapped with FORM element,
With Firefox layout is ok.

If you remove the form wrapping the table - it will work ok,

Any idea? Is it my code bad, or is it IE bug?
Thank you for your help.
When installing jar to the repository - Is it possible to tell maven to add artifact descriptor file (something specific for my needs) alongside the jar file?
So in the repository I will have:


Thank you!
12 years ago
Hi all,
I hope this is the correct forum for such topic; I am looking for a correct data structure for this problem.
I have several types of objects of the same type plane, each plane has different lubrication due dates, some have 1 part to lubricate, some have 10 parts to lubricate

Type, lub dates:
  • Cessna # engine lub date # wheel lub date
  • Jet plane # engine lub date # wheel lub date # prop lub date
  • jumbo 747 # engine1 lub date # engine2 lub date # wheels lub date (total 15 columns)
  • Antonov (This one... ) #engine1 .. .engine n lub date# wheels lub date (total 20 columns)

  • As far as ORM I was thinking of a flat table with [plane type] column and all possible lub dates as columns
    My debate is the Java side – how to represent this using JPA/Hibernate objects
    Should I use hibernate inheritance? Drawback from in inheritance is the need to recompile the code for each new plane, and mass amount of java classes, another problem is the need to handle each class in the UI separately

    Please advice for better data structure for this problem
    Thank you

    Vijay keshava wrote:Here is a statement from wsdl2java that may help.

    If the WSDL says that an object can be nillable, that is the caller may choose to return a value of nil, then the primitive data types are replaced by their wrapper classes, such as Byte, Double, Boolean, etc.

    This helps!
    Thank you!
    12 years ago
    Hi all,
    When generating Java files from WSDL using AXIS2 wsdl2java utility,
    Is it possible to tell the utility to generate Boolean object for boolean fields?
    For example the field toStartNewSession in the WSDL:

    Will be translated to :
    Boolean toStartNewSession insead of boolean toStartNewSession
    Thank you!

    12 years ago
    This is the key sentence that is still don't get...

    Smart phone internet data is different.

    12 years ago
    Hi all
    At&t has this new plan - 50$ per month with no contract - unlimited text + unlimited data + unlimited talk in the US
    For me it could be a good deal because I got my smart phone and I dislike being chained to the cellular contracts.
    But apparently you cannot use the web from your smart phone, only from non-smart phone
    Anyone can explain how can At&t know if you are using the web using smart/dumb phone?
    Here is chat I had with customer service – I was unable to get understand the difference after this talk,
    The representetive said that "Smart phone internet data is different. " how come???


    AT&T sales representatives are happy to assist you with your questions. Click below to begin your live text chat.

    AT&T sales representatives will not have access to your personal account. This service is provided to you under AT&Ts Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

    You are now chatting with Mark, an AT&T sales representative.
    Mark: Welcome to AT&T online Sales support. How may I assist you with placing your order today?
    Sharon: Hi Mark Thank you for your help, I heard this morning commercial
    Mark: How can I help you today?
    Sharon: about unlimited 50$ plan
    Sharon: unlimited text, unlimited data, unlimited talk in the USA, is that correct?
    Mark: Yes this is true, for non smart phones.
    Sharon: How can you have unlimited data on non smart phone
    Mark: Non smart phones can access the web as well. Email, Facebook etc
    Sharon: so I cannot use this plan on my Iphone 4?
    Mark: You would have to add a data feature.
    Sharon: And what are the rates to the additional data?
    Mark: * $5 for 10 MB * $15 for 100 MB * $25 for 500 MB
    Sharon: Sorry for my ignorance
    Sharon: I still don't get the difference between smart phone accessing the web/facebook/email and a "dumb" phone accessing the web/facebook/email unlimited
    Mark: Smart phone internet data is different.
    Mark: If you use a smart phone, with this $50 plan you still must add a data feature.
    Sharon: Well, I still don’t get it, but thank you anyway
    Sharon: Have a nice day!
    Mark: I am sorry. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
    Sharon: No, Thank you very much for your time
    Mark: Thank you for choosing AT&T. Have a great day.
    The chat session has been closed by your AT&T sales representative.
    12 years ago
    See the textbox that :
    12 years ago

    Jeanne Boyarsky: Do you need the two cars

    Yes, we need them 24/7

    Pat Farrell: you have to add in license, taxes, maintenance, wear and tear, depreciation, etc?

    8k without the additional expenses,
    At $8K purchase both (yearly budget)

    Here is a nice car I found for 2K (do you think this price is real??)

    Our transportaition budget is limited because first year relocation expenses are far beyond our capabilities.
    12 years ago
    Howdy all,
    We are relocating to Atlanta Georgia for year or two,
    our current budget for a car is around 8K, and we need 2 cars (I don’t want to get 2 cars for 8K – It will cost more to fix them…)
    Is there Affordable way leasing a car for the first few month until we settle down?
    Thank you
    12 years ago

    Deepak Pant wrote:You can do something like System.getProperty("user.install.root"). It will give you the root folder where your WAS profile is located.

    Thank you,Eventually i found the file under profile,
    Is it possible to see the parameter value under the WAS console?
    12 years ago
    Hi ranchers,
    Sorry for the dumb question,

    In my application web.inf I got entry : system:user.dir.

    How to locate the "system:user.dir" parameter value on websphere?
    Thank you!
    12 years ago
    Hi all
    When I delete entity I set "is_deleted" flag to true,
    On each entity we have the @where(clause="not deleted") annotation,
    Now I got new feature to display deleted entities,

    is this mean I have to drop the @where annotation and use other implementation for logical delete?
    Please advice