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put the variable definition, in my case (-Daaa.test.aaa=C:\jakarta-tomcat-3.3.2\logs\jvm.stderr), into wrapper.properties like the following:

16 years ago
I'm not sure but it could be that Ant tried to re-start Tomcat while it is actually has been running.

Generally I'm happier to separate my build and deployment into different processes, as that will happen on the real world when your application is delivered to production.
16 years ago
From your log information:

[java] SEVERE: Error initializing endpoint
[java] java.net.BindException: Address already in use: JVM_Bind:8080

Something else is using that port (8080).
16 years ago
If you haven't done it, I'll put some debugging statements in the validate method of the form object as you form will be validated with each submission.
How to forward to another action which requires parameter(s)?


For example:

18 years ago
I hope this is the right forum..

I'm using sybase and my question relates to the possibility of using a stored procedure for two different queries. At the moment I have two stored procedures:

How to exactly combine the two stored procedures and use the correct WHERE statement depending on a parameter say.

Sorry if I'm not really clear.
Thanks all. The information provided are very useful!!
I'll try the easier way first although I have both Mastering EJB and Enterprise JavaBeans book in my collection.
I believe the EJBSpec is somewhere in Sun's site?
Any other links that would be useful?
Sorry if this question has been asked numerous times before.
I've just passed my SCJP, and now want to prepare for SCBCD. From what I understand one of the best book to get is HF EJB. What else is complimentary to this book, and is that this SCBCD link has the complete list of mock exams etc.
TIA for all your help
Here are what I find useful to read/use:
K & B book
Dan's exam
And of course the SCJP forum.
19 years ago
Excellent, that's what I like to hear. $250 is quite reasonable with the current exchange rate.
Hi, I'm from NZ as well.
Wow that's quite an involved process of getting the voucher #.
If you calculate the current US/NZ $ exchange rate the exam shouldn't cost $356!!! Also if you use CC you don't have to add another $25 to the total, as the $25 is for the bank's TT fee.
Luckily, if i pass the exam, my employer will pick up the tab
Got the K & B book yet?
[ January 07, 2004: Message edited by: Dan Gun ]
Yeah, I got confused too after reading that particular bit. At the end I just use Math.floor(x + 0.5).
I personally know someone who's never done any Java programming in his life and he passed his SCJP exam with one book and links from the internet. He has experience in programming in other languages, but no Java experience at all. I also know another person who didn't have any experinec in J2EE but passed his SCWeb something (forgot the official name). How about that eh? Just spend a few hours every night for a few months, and people will think that you are a Java guru.
In saying that, I think studying for certification has given me a lot more knowledge, questions I would never had thought to ask before.
So it is almost in the same line as :
Yes, this is one bit that I don't feel covered extensively. Never mind, there's always the JLS.....