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Recent posts by Noah Le

Hi, for a remote connection, I want to have just one Data instance running on the server that all remote clients get a reference to. Can anyone advise me the best way to do this? Right now I'm just creating new instances of Data every time, and I don't want that.
Off the top of my head, I'm thinking about creating a new class (like DBServer) that has a static Data member (let's call it 'db'). The main() method will instantiate db as a new Data object. Then I will have a getConnection() method that returns db.
And then in my DBAdapter class, I will use DBServer.getConnection() to get my reference. Does any of this sound ok? But I'm not sure how to get DBServer to persist. Should I include an infinite loop in the main() method so that it never dies? Does that violate any principles?
Please help! I'd really appreciate it!
you can cast 0x8000 to a short and use a file channel or a stream to write it to output. or you could use RandomAccessFile's writeShort(int) method.
Does this look ok?
In Suncertify.db:
  • interface DB - provided by Sun
  • class Data implements DB - provided by Sun
  • interface DataClient - will have all the methods of DB, except lock/unlock
  • class DataAdapter implements DataClient - threadsafe wrapper class for Data. holds an internal reference to a Data object, wraps modification calls between lock and unlock calls.

  • In Suncertify.remote:
  • interface DataRemote extends DataClient, Remote - the remote object
  • class DataRemoteImpl extends UnicastRemoteObject, implements DataRemote
  • class DataConnector - client-side class that determines whether to return a new DataAdapter instance (for local mode), or a reference to the existing remote object (for network mode)
  • class DataRemoteObjReg - creates and registers the remote object on the server.

  • Does this look ok? I've never done RMI before, or anything network-related for that matter. It's kinda confusing for me.
    [ August 19, 2003: Message edited by: Noah Le ]
    I can't remember the term. Can anyone tell me? It's when you take 2 sets of data and only keep data that's in both sets. also, does Java have a function that performs this action?
    19 years ago