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Recent posts by shiva thadakamadla

Thanks for the reply.
Then i should try some other places to get the quetions.
I have took the sample test for IBM 094 certification from prometric website.
If i take the test again do i get same set of quetions or will it be new set of quetions.
Can anybody clear my doubt please.
I think u can go around the world...infy is recruiting for their Systems Integration Business Unit...
17 years ago
I want to set the importance of a mail using JAVA mail API to High.
Is there a way i can do this?
Please mail me back at

Thanks in Advance
18 years ago
Hi My request is like this.
My servlet is getting special characters in the Request which belongs to
ISO-8859-1 encoding. Normally the characters belongs to UTF-8 format.

When i print these characters in my servlet it is changing the input string

When the input is Monta�a,
the servlet is printing it as Monta�a.

Does anybody has answer for this.
Please mail me at

This is very urgent.

Thanks in Advance
18 years ago
Hey, I am also looking for same information .I am planning to take the same test.
Please let me know if u got any info.
I am trying to load a class dynamically.
Please look at the following code:
String strFileName="C:\\Connector.jar";
String strClassName ="com/connector/connector";
strCurrClassPath = System.getProperty("java.class.path",".");
strNewClassPath = strCurrClassPath + ";"+strFileName;
String strNew = System.getProperty("java.class.path",".");
System.out.println("strPrevious is"+strNew);
ClassLoader c= new ClassFinder();
Class some = c.loadClass(strClassName);
strClassName is the class name available in strFileName.
But when i execute this code it is still giving ClassNotFoundException.
Please let me know the reason ?
This is a bit urgent.
20 years ago
You can deploy your Ear files directly in WSAD.
Otherwise you can export the EAR from WSAD and deploy that EAR in WAS5.0 AppServer.
20 years ago
If anybody knows Any good sites for mock tests of WebSphere System Administration test please let me know.
And how much time is reqd to prepare for this.
I have been working on WAS for last 2 months.
20 years ago
I want to download a directory which has got many folders inside from an ftp server to local drive on windows2k.
build.xml file i am using is:
<project name="MyProject" default="dist" basedir=".">
<target name="dist">
<ftp action ="get" server="" userid="amit"
password="amit123" remotedir="XYZ" >

<fileset dir="ibm">

I am getting the following error when i execute the above script.
file:C:/Ant/Others/WorkingWithAnt/build.xml:5: could not get file: 550 WebSphere ICS/DLMs/classes/NativeMaps/ ATP_Order.class: A file or directory in the path name does not exist.
Please help me in this regard.
SCJP 1.4
20 years ago
I want to download a set of folders recursively from an ftp server.
I have downloaded a jar file from net,but it's licence got expired.
Can anybody tell me how to do this?
Is there any other sites available from where i can download ftp code.
I have got a lot of sites using which i can download only a file not the folders recursively.
I want this program to run as system scheduled task.
Is there any better ways of doing this?
Help me.
20 years ago
I have cleared Sun Certification 1.4
I received a certificate from Sun.
But i have n't received any card as they mentioned on their web site.
is there a way to to get the card.
That's really amazing.
Keep it up.

20 years ago
Hi All,
I have cleared the scjp 1.4 exam with 75%.
How do u rate this (good/average)?
I have got 3 years of experience on java/j2ee..
Is it goin to add more weight to my CV.
Please let me know ur views on these.
One more thing is iam planning to take IBM UML certification exam, can anybody tell me how easy or tough it is and what are the prospects after that?
20 years ago
The following code compiles fine.
class ThisTest {
final int ijjj;
this( 5 ); }
ThisTest( int x ){
System.out.println( "this( int )" );
public static void main(String[] args) {
ThisTest tt = new ThisTest();
But when i remove the 2 constructors it is giving the following error:
variable ijjj might not have been initialized
class ThisTest {
I have n't understood