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Does anyone at least know a good way of configure a log to understand why this error is happening?

All ideas which could give a hint are very welcome,


After uploading my Seam application to the server (Tomcat), everything works fine. But when I try the same application again after a while (e.g. the next day) I am getting a Closed Connection SQLException.
I can see that in the catalina.out log.

Is this related to a wrong configuration in the server.xml or components.xml?



Thanks for any idea!
thanks H. C. Lac,

That's correct. I also came to that solution some months ago...

The only caveat there is that you have the header and footer between both editors (compared to only a horizontal line in other IDE's).
But's better then not having the possibility.


I have a project running under Tomcat 5 (BTW I dont think the tomcat version is a problem here). This was coded within an old version of Eclipse and saved to a CVS repository from where I am now getting the code.

Now I have checked out the code to my IDE (Eclipse 3.3) and would like to publish it to my local Tomcat (version 6).

I have configured Tomcat within Eclipse and it is running, I can start and stop it. But when it comes to publish the project, I am not able to do it.

When I go to the "servers" view and rightclick on Tomcat + select "add and remove projects...", it says : "There are no project that can be added or removed from the server.".

I also cannot find anything "self-explaining" within the project properties like "add web capabilities" or similars...

Any help welcome,
Thanks, but it has to be a batch file.
and the main class uses jars but it is not within one.

Where can I find the complete command eclipse uses to start this main class?

When I was using JBuilder it was possible to see it somewhere. Eclipse should have it somewhere visible
I see I did a bad job explaining my problem

All is working fine with the code and with eclipse.

I only need now to take the class outside of eclipse to be started somewhere else (in this case by a batch file in win).

For that batch file I would like to use the same command line eclipse uses internally to call the main class. But I cannot find it anywhere. Or is there a flag somewhere to display that command in the console?

Many thanks.

I need to run an application from 'outside' of eclipse. Until now I was allways starting it from 'run/run as/Java App' or a similar short-cut.

Since this app uses a lot of external jars, the command should be pretty long (java -cp blahblah.jar;asfd...).

If I could find out how Eclipse does it I would save a lot of time.
I was looking all over 'run/open run dialog...' but cannot find it there.

Any idea where I can find it, or make it visible?

Thanks Jeanne,

Also a nice feature.
But what I was looking for is a "split" of the same file

Also possible?

you probably know it from other IDEs:
you split the editor view in (at least) two and can see different parts of the same file in one view. Very often very useful.

Has Eclipse 3.1 this possibility (or any plugin)?

[ June 28, 2006: Message edited by: Javoso Torso ]

I am having a weird problem in a JSF project:

moving from a page to the next through a commandLink
and if the user click to the commandLink twice or more
(the page takes some time to load so many users do not wait and click again and again ( ) ,

the following page the page is being built with some sections (JSF sections) repeated and also with some code (visible for the user) like

"size="1" onchange="changeCountry()"> "

or similars and also the content of a selectItem written as text in a line!

Any idea what could be wrong?

Thanks + regards
16 years ago

if(giveAnsw("this book is meant to be released in Europe too")){
System.out.println("It's a pity!");

16 years ago
Hello there,

I have a project which is running well inside Eclipse, but as soon as I am exporting it to a directory outside of Eclipse it says:

1. ERROR in D:\eclipse3.1WTP0.7Sysdeo31b\xyz.java
(at line 25)
import org.eclipse.ui.forms.FormColors;
The import org.eclipse.ui.forms cannot be resolved

I am importing this class in a jar to the project. I have tried to signalise this in many places in the plug-in configuration files without success. Why is the wizard not including the external jars?
I tried to add the jars to the target directory manually also unsuccessfully...

any ideas?

PS: I tested exporting before adding the class with the import and it worked.

16 years ago

I'm shocked

what about producing a CR/LF or whatever after a certain time (millisecs)
16 years ago
Hello There,

I am tired of searching, prob. searching the wrong way but anyway

I am trying to read from the standard imput, the keyboard.

My problem is that the user does not press "enter", as soon as he press a key I would like to get it: printed out, whatever...

All what I could find yet was always quited by an "enter"...

16 years ago

I have in the a project root a .cvsignore file with following contain:


Not more not less. Not line before not one after.

Why is the CVS while commiting, trying to commit the work folder !?

the "add to .cvsignore" in the right maus click context is also grey out...

Any ideas?