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Recent posts by Pawan Ramchandani

I am very happy to inform you just 1 hour before I cleared the SCWCD exam by 90%.
First of all thanks to Bert Bates, Kathy Sierra, Bryan Basham for the wonderful book HFSJ.
I would also like to thank Mikalai Zaikin & Frederic Esnault for their notes.HFSJ book, study notes and free mock test like is is all that needed for the exam.Take as many mock exams as possible.

Ranchers Thanks for all your postings and Wish you the very best.
Thanks Satou and Vishnu for your valuable time and comments.
As per my understanding the purpsoe of both is same that is to specify the attributes but we are not defining anything in the tld for tag files so we can not understand if the tag file is having any attribute or not so to avoid this confusion we specify one attribute directive in the tag file. Can you tell me the why they are not same?


If <attribute> tag (child of <tag> given in the tld and <@ attribute> directive given in the tagFiles are same then why there default value of <rtexpervalue> is different.


Page No. 470 HFS:-> default value of <rtexpervalue> of <attribute> is false
Syntex card :->default value of <rtexpervalue> of <@ attribute> is true
Hi friends,

This is very good resource for taglib.


All the best.
Congratulations on your success and thanks for your tips.
This question i found at jdiscuss they says ans.1,3 is correct.
My question is that if i am not passing any value for price so it will be null so the null can not be convert in to int then it should give exception.
pls. clear my doubt.


Consider the following code of a JavaBean:
public class TicketBean
int price;
String name;
// assume usual getters and setters.

Now, consider this ticketview.jsp page code:

<jsp:useBean id="ticket" class="TicketBean"/>
<jsp:setProperty name="ticket" property="*"/>
Name : <%=ticket.getName()%>
Price : <%=ticket.getPrice()%>

Which of the following lines will be in the output of the JSP page, if it is accessed through URL:


Select 2 correct options.

1) Name : AAA

2)Price : 0

3)An exception stack trace.

4)Only this will be present:- Name : AAA

5)Translation error.