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Recent posts by Saritha Penumudi

Current application is using old tapestry version which is bundled with old Dojo version. It is has DojoTab component which is used for Tabs functionality.

I need to refresh page based on the tab selected. I tried below options and none of them worked.
1. Attach listeners to DojoTab component and on click invoke the listener. This did not work since, DojoTab component is not link component.
2. Go with Javascript and use dojo selectTab/selectChild/onclick event to refresh elements on the page, but I don't see any of these events register and call the function to refresh the page.

3. Thought of using Jquery and register onclick event on the tab. Since tab has Id. But I don't this working at all.

4. I cannot upgrade the versions.

Any help on how to get handle to the tab selection is very appreciated.
Quick question on technology selection from article As there are more than one possible solution/problem for every problem, How would you go
about picking one technology/framework over other. It can get overwhelming to try out (do POC) on each framework to see if it fits the solution.

Are there better tools or process that makes this selection easier?
8 years ago
Thanks for the response. I did find any another place to post my question. I figured as I am using spring google code ehcache annotations, there could be some configuration in spring-ehcache configuration where I can say "do not cache null values".

I found the solution. There is an attribute in @cacheable called cachenull. When set to false it will not cache null values. Found solution from issues list of the googlecode spring ehcache project.
10 years ago

I do not want null values to be cached. by default ehcache caches even null values. I am using spring gooogle ehcache annotations.
I could not find in any documentation on how I can configure to say "do not cache null values"

any help is greatly appreciated.

10 years ago

I am planning on using com.googlecode.ehcache-spring-annotations for ehcache. Just wanted to know if there are any production usage restrictions on using this jar.
can you please provide me any documentation that talks about this.

10 years ago
I am working on an existing application.
Application has an interceptor class that extends HandlerInterceptorAdapter. in postHandle() method, we are setting some values to ModelAndView.
We are seeing this behavior only in production, where in few scenarios, ModelAndView object passed to postHandle() method by Spring framework is null and we are seeing NPE. I am not able to recreate this Issue locally or in any test env.

I am not able to figure out how ModelAndView object is getting null?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Spring versions that we are using:

11 years ago
I am trying to write an integration testing for one of the web components.
I am trying to use Spring Mock classes and I am getting below errors.

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: No thread-bound request found:
Are you referring to request attributes outside of an actual web request,
or processing a request outside of the originally receiving thread?
If you are actually operating within a web request and still receive this message,
your code is probably running outside of DispatcherServlet/DispatcherPortlet:

Am I doing anything wrong. I have spent more than a day to figure out where I am doing wrong and searched through API's. But I did not find any API from where I can get the registered request object. I think I am doing some fundamental mistake which I am not able to figure it out.

Business logic requires a locale object which controller gets by calling LocaleService.getLocale(). LocaleService is a request-scoped bean with a scoped proxy with autowiring enabled so that the HttpServletRequest is injected.

I am thinking above exception is somewhat related to this. different request objects are being used. I tried to mock LocaleService.getHttpServletRequest() method to return mock request object. But it did not work.

Any Suggestions?
11 years ago
I had to manually add project facets and manually add eclipse specific files to .setting to make this work.

I have a maven project which I checked out from subversion into my eclipse. I am able to configure my runtimes and start weblogic from my eclipse with no problems. I can build my project and create an ear from my eclipse with no issues. But when I right click on my servers to add or remove projects, eclipse is not able to find my project to deploy into weblogic. I am not seeing any projects facets with this version of eclipse.

Here are my configuration details.
Eclipse Platform
Version: 3.5.0
Build id: I20090611-1540

OEPE: Oracle Database Tools Part of Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse

Weblogic Server 11g (10.3).

Can you please help me in figuring out what configuration I am missing here. How can I deploy and debug my application through eclipse.

Thanks for all the help
Even though code I posted is in html.. I will be using JSTL and spring MVC. Hence I posted this in JSP forum. I am sorry I should have mentioned this before.
I also wanted to know if there are any options in Spring MVC or JSTL to my problem.

For now.. This is what I am thinking. I would remove individual forms and have one form for the whole list. I will change update and delete buttons to href. and build URL for each update in the list.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I am working on a web application where list of items are shown in a list with update and delete options for each row. User can change some values on the desired row and click on either update/delete. The way it is implemented is each row has its own form tag and on update and delete action that form is submitted.

As you can guess above code is generated in a for loop.

Now business want users to be able to do bulk updates and deletes. They want to add check box before each row and buttons for bulk update and delete on top of the list.
User should be able to change the values, click on check box and do bulk updates.

Challenges here are how can I submit form data as I cannot have forms with forms. I can make bulk update and delete buttons as href's and build URL to append form data (This would be a javascript function). With this I am relying on GET Method and I am not sure how long list will be. Hence I am thinking this is not good solution.

Can you please suggest best approach to tackle this problem.

Thanks for all the help.
Is there anyway to change the stylesheet applied by struts2.
We are using default theme when it renders <s:select> it wraps it around <td>'s with its own style. I want to use colors and fonts designed for my application.
How can change the stylesheet.

Thanks for all the help.
12 years ago
I don't want my property file to be part of Web-application as it contains configuration's for LDAP and JDBC in the property file.
Configurations may change from env to env (IT, ST and PROD). Hence I don't want to bundle my property file as part of the application.

Initially I had my property file out side of web app and it was not found.
Later I tried having it as part of the application and still it was not found.

I don't want to hardcode location to the property file in ApplicationContext.xml as path will differ from env to env.

Please let me know why do you think approach that I took is wrong and can you please suggest correct approach for my problem.
12 years ago
Sorry. I did not mention this earlier. Application that I am working on is Web application.

I don't want property file to be part of the web application. I have property file in local directory out of web application say "c:\myApp\properties"
I have added this folder to the classpath of myApp in websphere that way when myApp is loaded it can find the property file.

I have also tried placing this file in web-inf/classes and still it does not work. I got same exception.

I don't know why it is not finding property file when it is in WEB-INF/classes folder.

12 years ago
In my applicationContext.xml, I am trying to load a property file from where I will get JDB URL's , LDAP Configuration, etc.. I added location to where exists to the websphere classpath. I have configured through console.

But when my App is started, I am getting IO Exceptions.

Is there any setting where I could say look at the classpath to get the property file instead of looking for this file in the WEB-INF/classes
12 years ago