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I sucessfully created a Hello World applet. My first Java bit
I was drawn to Java from a code i found on the net and wanted to get it working:

I was hoping but am not sure, if it would be possible to retrieve the first compressed zip item when the zip is cached on a users computer. My actual goal (hope im heading in the right direction?) is to read from a cached zip file on a users computer from a webpage so the zip contents will speed up page loading cause it is already cached. I don't know if this IS possible?
My question is that I created a .java file with the above code and had errors in the .class creation. If I understand the above correctly it seems that code is driven by the function try, i received my first error at this point and changed try to what was in the Hello World example:
public class HelloWorld extends Applet {
It seemed to over come that error :roll: although i not totally sure.
but the following errors appeared:

Can someone help out this newbie in any way....
[ August 19, 2003: Message edited by: Jason Havelock ]
18 years ago