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jq zhu

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Recent posts by jq zhu

when will scbcd3.0 beta?
when can we get the voucher!
one question: i have not attented the Survey, how can i get the free voucher? thanks!
one question: i have not attented the Survey, how can i get the free voucher? thanks!

Originally posted by Ko Ko Naing:

I hope this thread might be helpful for you to know about the Web Services Developer Exam...


Originally posted by Kathy Sierra:
Howdy -- I completely understand your concerns, and you make a good point. But you can relax... we have NO plans right now to update SCBCD, so it will be probably at LEAST nine months or longer before a new exam is released. Sun's customers are less likely to migrate to J2EE 1.4 for their EJB's then they are to update to the new Servlets and JSP specs, so the SCBCD exam will stay more current with what people are actually USING for EJB, rather than the J2EE/EJB spec version that is out. In other words, once a critical mass of real enterprise developers are actually *using* EJB 2.1, then we'll update the exam.
Another reason is that the changes between EJB 2.0 and 2.1 are very few, and mostly related to Web Services, and the Web Services-specific EJB 2.1 issues will be covered in the new Web Services exam that goes into beta in a month or two.
And actually, it *usually* takes at least 4-5 months from the time we first start working on an exam until you see the final release, although the time from beta to final is usually around 3 months or less. But there's a long process in developing the objectives, doing survey (here on javaranch and other places) about the objectives, then creating the exam, then finally the beta.
So you would have at LEAST six months advance notice when we have scheduled to revise the SCBCD, before the exam actually releases. And right now, it is not even on our schedule at all. So you're safe with the current version.
And the new Servlets exam isn't officially out yet either, although it's coming soon.

can you explain the web service beta exam? is it for java? when will it start? thanks.
i have prepared for this exam about three weeks.
i hope i can pass it this time!
thank you very much! i have gone to the Topic: NX: About data consistent.
it is very good.
i will not level here.
closed, i have resolved it.
why no person replay, it is very urgent!
lock requirement description:
The lock method should block until the requested lock can be applied. The integer argument indicates the record to be locked. If the method is called with an argument of -1, the entire database should be locked
my assignment is :
"public void lock(int record)
public void unlock(int record)
The unlock method simply removes the lock from the specified record. If an attempt is made to unlock a record that has not been locked by this connection, then no action is be taken."

so my question: how can iimplement the unlock without modified its definition?
i have two choice :
one is :
call lock(i)-modify(Data)-unlock(i) from client site, but client will call server three time in this way. i think how can modified a record does need known by client too.
second :
call lock(i)-modify(Data)-unlock(i) from server site,and server implements rmi interface, but i can't make sure it correspond with sun's requeriment.
which one should i chose , and is there any other good idea to implment it?
what your advice? thanks!