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Try replacing the preceding with 'preceding-sibling' to get the desired result.


Here are the various combinations I can think of:

<!DOCTYPE test [
<!ELEMENT test.dtd (#PCDATA|elm1|elm2)* >

Case 1: Just #PCDATA
<!-- use only #PCDATA -->
Here is some parsed character data.

Case 2: Just elm1
<elm1>Here is some more text</elm1>

Case 3: Just elm2
<elm2>Here is more text</elm2>

Will this work?
We have a VMWare slice off a blade server with 2 network cards. After installing WebSphere Base on a Windows 2K instance the plug-in stopped working.

Individually, IIS works and so does WAS(<url>:9080). But the requests are not routed from IIS to WAS and back. Is multi-homed environment a problem? Should we try reinstalling the base product where hostname = <ip-address>.

Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions?
19 years ago
Thanks All.

I accidentally bought version 1, which is ancient.
One of the post from Hari, the author of Whizlabs XML Simulator, suggests the following chapters from Professional XML:

Professional XML
Almost covers all parts of exam other than security.
Chapters 2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10, 11, 12, 16, 20, 24

My book(ISBN: 1-861003-11-0) does not have chapter 20 and 24. What am I missing?

Caveat: These are my personal opinions. Please do not take them at face value. The result may vary for individuals. If you are busy and have other better things to do, than reading my monologue, 'have a good day'.

Schedule / Preparation:
It took a couple of weeks of irregular study. The process of getting certified was more enjoyable than the result. As everyone has repeatedly said, the HFS is MORE than sufficient. If you can read the book 2-3 times and remember/memorize the traps, you will easily pass the exam. Additionally, a concentrated effort of a few weeks is recommended.

Testing Software:
If one is aiming for a high score for whatever reasons, then one should consider buying some commercial testing software. I used softSCWCD. The software(answers) had it own quirks(bugs), but it did its job of making me sit through a 2 hour test. I consistently scored between 75%-85%. This is neither a product endorsement, nor a recommendation. However, I feel that softSCWCD can improve the language, accuracy, and number of mock exams. There customer service was execellent!

Mock Exam:
I got the shock of my life when I took the HFS Mock Exam(the one at the end of the book). Gosh! The first few questions were an eye opener. Not knowing how many were correct, made the test seem tougher than it really was. However, I managed to get 72%. Based on anecdotal data, and casual statistical projections, I knew I could pass. Additionally, I was so bored memorizing the DD, Taglibs, Tag....that I knew I had enough and had to get it done with.

Patience it the key to make this work. Click on the source, which you want to drag, and drag it to destination, where you want to drop it. The icons change. Whenever the icon changes to a notepad icon, drop the element. It worked everytime!

1. To all souls, living or dead, I appreciate their help.
2. HFS Authors you have done an execellent job
3. Marco appreciate your revision/summary list. There are a few mistakes, but it helped me. There is no doConnect...blah, blah, blah! Thanks!

Signing off.
What do you get when you use getMajorVersion() and getMinorVersion() in this updated container of yours? Additionally, which DTD(the first few lines of your web.xml) are you using?
Chaitanya ,

There is no need for 5 in either of the cases as they both have a perfect match in the DD.

Filters, unlike Servlets, are not about "perfect/exact" matches. Based upon request path, one can have more than 1 Filter in the chain.

As per my understanding...

Servlet(or filter) mapping rules are the same. Exact, Directory or Extension. "/*" is a classic example of Directory mapping, because it starts with a "/" and ends in a "*". Filter5 is basically mapped to everything in the web app directory. One can use this scenario in logging 'ALL' requests to a web resource.

I think now you should get the same answer, as HFS suggests.
What happens when you replace ${pageContext.exception} with ${pageContext.errorData.throwable.cause} or ${pageContext.errorData.throwable.rootCause}
Don't hate me for suggesting this.

What happens when you call your page something other than "errorPage.jsp"? Name it myWhatEverPage.jsp?
Operator precedence works from left to right. Additionally, access operators, such as . and [], have a higher precedence than arithmetic operators, which have a higher precendence than logical operators.

In the logical operators 'and' is higher(evaluate first) than 'or'. Refer to JSP 2.3.10 for details.