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Recent posts by srilakshmi

hi everybody
iam new to the jtable concept.
please tell me how to create the data output section using jtable.
initially tell me how to create the jtable.
thanks in advance
21 years ago
hi anuja
sorry for the late reply.
i think u can clarify by seeing the code.
go through it!

import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
APPLET code = "ChoiceDemonstration.class" width=300 height=200>
public class ChoiceDemonstration extends Applet implements ItemListener{
private Choice c;
String state = "";
public void init() {
c= new Choice();
public void itemStateChanged(ItemEvent ie ) {
state ="deselected";
if(ie.getStateChange()== ItemEvent.SELECTED){
state = "Selected";
public void paint(Graphics g)
String mesg = "choice demo :";
mesg += c.getSelectedItem();
state = mesg + state;

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21 years ago
hi anuja
ur code is correct nothing is wrong .
u must write an html file for running it.
APPLET code = "ChoiceDemonstration.class" width=300 height=200
save the html file and run it.
if u want the output to be written in applet u must use paint method instead of println
try it!

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21 years ago
congrates! u got a nice score
21 years ago
congrates! u got a nice score.
iam also planning to write the certification exam.
day by day iam postponing the exam . iam scared with the new pattern.
can u please suggest me the books to follow.
21 years ago
congrates! u got a good score

Originally posted by Velmurugan Periasamy:
I passed the SCJP exam yesterday with 96%
Thanks to all the people who spent a lot of time and effort putting useful information regarding certification process.
Thank you all.
Exam was not super-tough or super-easy. It was intermediate. It was good. Some questions were straight. Lot of them wanted you to think thru the concepts well. Some were real tricky and needed you go thru the steps in a working sheet. All of them needed careful study of the question and the code exhibit.
I had one type in answer question (regarding String functions)
5 or 6 q's in Most of them related to File Streams.
3,4 in java.util. Most of them straight questions. 3,4 in awt.
5 or so in threads. Some of them trickier. I missed one question in threads. Another one I missed was in operators & assignments section. Those questions also were tricky. for loops and lot of operators involved. I don't know which one I missed.
I studied KAM/Rasmussen(great), RHE(very nice), BB's Exam Cram. Went thru Sun's, Marcus green's, Jyothi's tutorials and JLS. Referred Dylan Walsh's study notes. Wrote lot of small programs. Did lot of Mock exams.(JQPlus,Marcus Green, Jaworski, Jxam, Jargon and Applied Reasoning are the ones I liked) Maha Anna's page pointed to lot of mock exams.
After all the efforts, I'm very happy now seeing the result.
Again, Thanks for the modertors of JavaRanch to have such a nice forum. (Your round-up game is really good).
Best wishes to all of you in all your efforts.

21 years ago
i planned to write java2 programmer exam on october 10th.
but i heard that pattern was changed and should wait for the new books. is it neccessary!
are they any books regarding new pattern.
please help me