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The PortletSession object extends from HttpSession and serves much the same

The portlet session does NOT extend the HttpSession in all Portlet containers. The JSR specs do not require the PortletSession to be extended from HttpSession.

Some containers (WebSphere) implemented it this way, but this need not be true for others (Jboss)
13 years ago
What do u mean by "did not work correctly" ? Please add more information about the kind of error you got.

By the way, its better to create your deploy in your own application than using the ROOT.
16 years ago
Import your "Customer" class in the JSP and ensure the package structure is correct
16 years ago
You sure can.

First loop through all the checkboxes in the form to find if anything is checked. If nothing is checked you can change the flip the 'disabled' flag on the button.

It will be more like :

Invoke the above code using onLoad() on the page

Also check
When Java started off wasn't it all POJO's which you built your own classes. Then came the hoo-haa's about new frameworks and models which were supposed to "do everything" for the application developer. I am sure that these frameworks had its own advantages. People and corporations took these frameworks/ APIs and built a lot of applications/ services.

Now aren't we going multiple steps backwards in proclaiming POJO as the next "in" thing ?

To me, if I had written an application some 6 years ago and did NOT bother to follow the herd to convert my applications to be J2EE compliant, I am now in the world of POJOs !!! Correct me if I am wrong !

I believe after building all these complex blocks, we are claiming that "Oh! all these complexities are too much.. lets get back to the basics" Maybe there are benefits but isnt it turning the clock backwards ?
I can think of using an IFRAME to load the second "ERROR tag" ? to display the total count of records. That way its two different requests sent to the server & the loading of these two would be independent of each other.

You always have the option of using AJAX to just return you the count of records. AJAX wud be nice to use, but you need to be aware of situations wherein the browser might not support AJAX.

Looks like you need to write your own comparison routine to validate this since this is a pretty unique case.
what is the logic for the following cases
12BAR & BAR12
or AB124 & ABC12
& what if they have strings of varying lengths ??

First u need to validate if they are valid alpha-numeric characters ( a simple search wud give you free examples) & then get one character from each & continue your check using

If u have large chunks of information, I would recommend retrieving them fresh each time they need to print the report.

Saving large amount of data in your session doesnt seem wise unless you need it repetedly all over the application.
16 years ago
Guess u are missing the table tags...
Add a hidden field !

havent worked on the tool you mention, but if your server is hosted on Unix, then there are some issues with using AWT components with headless support

I found this pointer
Helpful and useful
17 years ago
is the object that you put into session 'serializable' ??
I would check that first..

Just try simple Strings in the vector to see if its working!

17 years ago
Get IE to work in the "quirk mode"

Add a comment in the top of your page.. (It shud be the first line)

something like
<!-- my page -->
then continue with the rest of your JSP
<doctype .. You can make this strict

hth :roll:
Thanks for the quick response.

I wish I could put the checkboxes at the end of the Iframe page. The problem here is that the contents of the Iframe are not part of my application. They are customizable and can vary by user.

One option might be to use some javascript to write a checkbox at the end of the Iframe content file. But I would be stuck if the user opts to use a PDF instead of a HTML for the Iframe.

Any thoughts ?
That is a way to scroll to the end. But is there a way to check if the user really scrolled all the way ?