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Recent posts by Vishwa Kumba

thanks, I had downloaded the rpm bundle for CentOS from here..

I found an answer from this link
We cannot verify the signature on the rpm bundle jdk-7u25-linux-x64.rpm as file is not signed with a gpg key.
(I can do the md5checksum though)

sudo rpm -qpi jdk-7u25-linux-x64.rpm

see the Signature Field below

9 years ago
I am writing a script to install Oracle JDK using rpm bundle in CentOS Linux using Yum, so that it can be used to install java/jdk on developers' VMs.
I would like gpgcheck to be enabled to verify the integrity/authenticity of the downloaded rpm bundle.

Any ideas, where I could find the gpgkey for the bundle jdk-7u25-linux-x64.rpm?
9 years ago
thanks Jaikiran,
I didn't check the response here as I had obtained the response at the JBoss forums.

We have decided to go for JBoss Messaging 1.4 and JBoss 5.x. Later on, port it to JBoss 6.x and HornetQ.

12 years ago
JBoss 1.4 Messaging - database persistence

I found the foll. tables in the database to store JMS information

JBM_POSTOFFICE - stores the list of configured queues/topics
JBM_MSG - stores the individual messages as they arrive
JBM_MSG_REF - holds the relationship between a message and the destination(queue/topic)

As the volume of messages increases, the JBM_MSG and JBM_MSG_REF could go very large.
Are there are any performance issues with this?

I was wondering if it is possible to configure a seperate table to hold messages for each queue.

12 years ago
I am not clear about the versions available in JBoss for Messaging.

If I were to use a stable standalone messaging product(JMS Provider) from JBoss, which version would I use?

I had assumed that the JBoss stable version for production use(with Redhat support) is 5.1.2. (JEE 5) and hence
the stable JMS Provider is also JBoss Messaging 1.4.(default JMS Provider for JBoss EAP 5.1.2)

But when I tried downloading from RedHat site, I obtained jboss-eap-hornetq-5.1.2-installer for 5.1.2.
If I am not mistaken, HornetQ(JBoss Messaging 2.0) is supposed to be part of JBoss EAP 6.0(JEE 6). Right?

If it is, then how do I download the standalone version of the JMS Provider(JBoss Messaing 1.4) from JBoss?

12 years ago
I had the same problem, when I was porting a Struts1 Application to Struts2.

Ankit's solution seems to be work. Thanks Ankit.

14 years ago
thanks Tim for the useful comments,

We moved away from the softlinks approach and have written code to serve the files directly in the servlet now. This seems to work fine on both windows and unix envs.

14 years ago
Tomcat 5.5.17
Solaris 5.10

Our Web Application is required to display hyperlinks to external files that reside outside the web application based on certain business rules. The users could then download these large PDF files.

We went ahead with the idea of symbolic links supported by Tomcat.

<Context path="/powerApp" allowLinking="true"/>

We deployed the application and created a symbolic link under the web application directory to point to another external directory on the same server. All the hyperlinks use the symbolic link.

The Application worked Ok. When we undeploy the application, Tomcat seems to be deleting the war file, the exploded directory and also all
the external files that are present in the directory pointed to by the symbolic link!

I was expecting tomcat to delete only the war file, the exploded directory including the symbolic link, but not the external PDF files during an undeployment!

I googled on the net and found that this behaviour has been observed on both Tomcat 5.x and Tomcat 6.x but no proper explanation to this issue.

I was wondering if this is the expected behaviour of Tomcat in this scenario or is it a bug?
14 years ago
We use FILTER-Gradient(a css style supported by IE) for the background of the html page.
But when we scroll the page up or down, the select boxes are not being displayed properly. I think the select boxes needs to be refreshed/repainted in some way.
So I have put a javascript function to hide/display the select boxes, whenever the page is scrolled. I think this is not a good solution(or hack)!

I was wondering if I can have some advise on this.

thanks Pete,
that worked! I was using eclipse, so I set the Affinity(Number of CPUs) to the eclipse process and it launched my JVM with just one 1 cpu.
I checked up with the foll. call:

16 years ago
I was wondering if there is a way to reduce the number of CPUs on my Windows machine programmatically in Java or atleast as a command line parameter to the JVM. I would like my tests to run with just 1 CPU on the Windows(XP Prof) machine, just to check performance.

I googled on the net and found that it can be done by making a change to the registry, but I am not comfortable doing that.

- Vishwa
16 years ago
I need to pass data consisting of name,value pairs from a JMS Publisher to an MDB. I am not sure which option would be better....

1. MapMessage or
2. setObjectMessage() using the HashMap object..
Note: HashMap implements Serializable interface, so I reckon it might be OK to be used in setObjectMessage.
Started working on my assignment again after a looooooong time.

I have a pretty basic question now.
I am using a JCombobox in my JPanel layout to implement the Search functionality. It expands to fit in the largest entry in the list.

Is there a way I could make it a constant size, so that irrespective of the data entries, it just shows a constant width?
18 years ago