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<html:form action="/doSomething">

Let's say the action "/doSometing" is defined in struts-config.xml, but I am in module "store" with jsp containing the form above.

Websphere is forcing me to define in the struts-config-store.xml something like:
parameter="/" >

otherwise I get a warning saying that the path is not found in the module.

Why is that?
Why can't the form action path reference the definition in the default struts config directly?

17 years ago

Originally posted by Wang JiBo:
Ha, I choose Eclipse. And I think Jdeveloper is good also.
They both are free!

JDeveloper is NOT free.
Grillon (French word).

Tasty by the way.
17 years ago
I for one don't see myself working for a paycheck for long.

I am saving up to finance my own company.
Things would have gone a lot faster if I had a partner.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find someone who shared the same business interest.
I am not interested in venture capital financing either.

I think I am six months away from launching...
17 years ago
As the title says...
17 years ago

Originally posted by Maulin Vasavada:

Btw, I remember we had this eight queen problem in bachelor's and we wrote it in C using some algorithm book. I am still impressed with the solution that book had using one dimensional array and backtracking approach...I will see your code and see if I have any suggestions...


I did mine in C++ and multi dimentional arrays (actually for a friend's school assignment, he got caught though - he could not explain the code ).

I was able to solve the problem in milliseconds with a different result each time.
[ July 02, 2004: Message edited by: Brahim Bakayoko ]

Originally posted by Puthriah Sarma:
It was an interview question to me.I could not explain.

I guess they expected you to fully know about Websphere and WebLogic.
Go ahead and study both in order to cover any future possible question and not just deployment.
17 years ago

Originally posted by Jeroen Wenting:
yah, was confused with finalize()...
Too much reading about garbage collectors for my SCJP study lately

Maybe a good time for a cold beer (an extra cold Guinness stout for me) and some good sleep.
Been there...
17 years ago
Also, Thomas, can you show your initialization output?
17 years ago
This does on Websphere:

17 years ago

Originally posted by Richard Johnson:
ok. thanks for the help on this one. I'm getting closer, but have one last issue to deal with. How do I override, getInputStream() and return a ServletInputStream? I'm using WAS 5.0. Here is what I have so far for my wrapper:

I implemented my own ByteArrayReader and ByteArrayWriter.
There are no such classes in the java api.

And no, I will not give you the source code of my implementations.
17 years ago
Actually, an execption will be thrown as I suspected:

It is a method, but not any method.
17 years ago
Make sure to use the File class static fields separator and pathSeparator (or the char versions).
17 years ago
Can we have a JRUN forum?

17 years ago