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Recent posts by Gul Khan

I am a bit confused about EJBs opening connections to DB. I have 3 EJBs getting Connections from DataSource. EJB A gets a connection from Datasource, performs some DB operation and calls EJB B, EJB B does the same as EJB A and calls EJB C. When EJB C also accesses the DataSource to open connection, How many physical connections are opened to the DB or in otherwords How many active connections to DB am I using? Would it be 3 connections to DB, one for each EJB or only one connection is being used by the 3.
All EJBs have Txn attribute "Required".

Thanks in Advance.

Hi All,
I am trying to send out email. The code I have copied from Java tutorial but when I run it with debug:true it gives the following error.

DEBUG SMTP: could not connect to host "XXX.XXX.XXX.XX", port: 25, response: -1

Email Server is accessible as i can telnet on port 25.

Following is my code:

can any one please tell me what could be wrong?

19 years ago
I am having trouble in txn roll back when along the chain one of the operations fail. All my EJBs are Stateless have CMT =Required and. I am using weblogic 8.1
the chain is such that DelagateA-->EJBa-->DelegateB-->EJBb
when the DAO at the throws an Exception the txn is not rolled back which started in EJBa.
Follwing is a method from EJBb

Code for EJBa is like this ultimately calling the EJBa above method.

Thanks in advance for any help.
hi All,
this issue is still not solved. Would appreciate if anyone could help.
The arabic characters are displayed from right to left on the pdf BUT they are broken. I am using Traditional Arabic font.


Hi All
I have a jar file having MDBs listening to remote Qs. When I deploy this
jar as a standalone application it works fine. But when I add it to another
application I get the following

The jar is successfully deployed coz there are some session beans included
in this jar that are deployed.

Will appreciate any help or pointer. Thanks.
[ November 05, 2004: Message edited by: Gul Khan ]
19 years ago
thats the way to insert the CLOB value and it does work when run standalone. It was only creating problems while run in weblogic.

The problem is that
Clob xmlClob= rs.getClob(1) ;

is supposed to return java.sql.Clob but its returning


It worked fine when I casted it to weblogic CLOB, but i would prefer using oracle.sql.Clob. I dont know how to make weblogic return me the plain java.sql.Clob from the resultset. Any Help?
I have a DAO inserting a operating on a CLOB column. The method works fine when run standalone but when I use it inside weblogic 8.1 it throws ClassCastException.

Appreciate any pointers. Thanks
The problem still not solved. The words are still broken. I tried lots of fonts from the web, for most of them fop could not generate the matrix file.

I am using traditional Arabic. and also Iqraa
Thanks Balaji for the great help. The problem is still not solved completely though. Though the characters are now from right to left but they are still broken.

Can you plz tell me how to fix this.
Balaji, Thanks for replying. I dont see the link, can you plz post it again.
I am trying to generate PDF for Arabic language. The problem: it appears left to right, and by doing that all the characters break apart. From what I read from web, FOP should use the default direction from the font, which should be right to left.

I have embedded the font successfully into fop and using fop 0.20.5.

Any Help Pls? Thanks.
Thanks Nathanial, I will think along the lines. I am using MQ Series by the way.
Some confusion about this, need help. If I have a JMS Listener client at a client machine listening to a Queue on JMS Server. The JMS Server goes down! what will happen to the Listener?
1- Will it throw exception?
2- It will keep listening to nothing? i.e. the JMS Listener client will never know the Server is down?

If the listener will never know about the server being down then:

1- Will it start receiving the messages as soon as the Server comes up? i.e. the connection is never lost?

2- Will have to restart the listener? In that case how can the client JMS Listener ever know when to reconnect?

Thanks for the help in advance.

Originally posted by somkiat puisungnoen:
When you got sqlexception in Tx2, you must rollback TX in Tx2 . But not Aauto-Rollback in related Tx.

I dont understand what you mean by that.