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Recent posts by Cheryl Gray

Where can I find other mock exams for exam 5.0?
I was taking an online class and I saw this,

Could we also put this as STAFFNUM INT ? Why are users allowed to specify 0 decimal places?
Are stored procedures covered in this book?
I guess whatever is covered in the book is most likely to show up in the exam...hopefully (keeping fingers crossed!)
I think it would be platform dependent. Some will offer time slicing and others will offer thread priorities. I guess calling sleep() would be a way too.
I used this formula #/2^n where # is the number and n is the shift number, so we get 128/2^2 = 128/4 = 32. Since the # is not a negative number, the sign will not change, giving you a positive result.
Hi Vats,
I only took Java in college and it's been a few years since then. I plan to take the SCJP very soon. I would think that taking a programming class would make things much easier while on the job, but maybe not necessarily for passing the exam.
Also, for the 1st one, (-1>>>2) I know that the answer will be a positive number since the >>> produces a sign change if the number, in this case
(-1), is a negative number.
I know that with the 2nd one (-1 >> 2) should give
(-1 >> a number = -1)
Thanks for your input! I now understand the code...
To add to my question(sorry, missed this), I would like to know where the f.myBar.barNum was changed to formerly produce the output of 28 and now to 99. I'm thinking it's occurring where the * are. Am I correct?
This is coming from the 1.4 Bates book (pg. 187-188)...Can you explain where the reference is being changed? My guess is where the * please!

class Bar {int barNum =28;}
class Foo{
Bar myBar = new Bar();
void changeIt(Bar myBar)
{ myBar.barNum = 99;
System.out.println("myBar.barNum in changeIt is " + barNum);
* myBar = new Bar();
myBar.barNum = 420;
System.out.println("myBar.barNum in changeIt is now " +barNum);
public static void main(String args[])
{ Foo f = new Foo();
System.out.println("f.myBar.barNum is " + f.myBar.barNum);
* changeIt(f.myBar);
System.out.println("myBar.barNum after changeIt is " + f.myBar.barNum);

Code prints:

f.myBar.barNum is 28
myBar.barNum in changeIt is 99
myBar.barNum in changeIt is now 420
f.myBar.barNum after changeIt is 99
I see that this book is not available until May 2007 from
Does anyone know when will be the last day for this exam to be given? (1.4)
I see that the book for the 1.5 exam is not available until May 2007 through