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Recent posts by Vishy Karl

Hi All,
I am also interested for the same. I have completed SCJP in 2004.
I guess now Gautam or someone needs to take initiative for this..

how about starting a yahoo group for it so that we can all be in sync ?

A Flower Girl..

She is by far the most attractive and her magnetic smile is enough to draw even the most lethargic person to pick up the book and have a look at it... Needless to say once a person has picked up the book he/she won't leave it without exploring it to the depth(such has been the quality of Head First Series)..

The blooming flowers on her top represent the undoubted popularity of Head First books......... Just as the flowers spread the fragrance throughout the garden similarly the Head First books spread the knowledge throughout the technical and wanna-be technical community .........

So let the fragrance in form of knowledge spread throughout through the medium of FLOWER GIRL...
19 years ago
Thanks for the wishes Andres, Nicholas , Dan (U R GR8 !!)
Yeah I guess it was stupid of me to believe it
20 years ago
Hi All,
I passed the SCJP 1.4 yesterday with 85%. I guess that it is a good score(ofcourse not a rocking score).(Obviously was disappointed for not making it to the 90's).I finished the test in 1 hr and had a full hr for review. At the time I submitted the answers I was expecting atleast 95%. Anyways I must have made some silly mistakes I believe. The paper was really easy on the whole. Needless to say Javaranch deserves the credit for whatever I have achieved.I used the K&B book and Velmurgan study notes.As always said K&B book is all that you require for the test. Also all the mock tests like Dan's(It is the best undoubtedly), Marcus Green, Javacertificate etc helped me a lot. Thanks to my coranchers for helping my out. Vad , finally i gave the test .
One interesting thing I heard which I want to confirm with you all. One test candidate who was there for some Cisco certification told me that the questions that appear in the test are according how you respond to the Survey questions. Meaning that if I say I am an Expert in all the questions regarding the comfortability with the topics then the questions that appear will be harder. I did not know abt it and selected the medium and low skill level for the various topics. I don't know if this assumption is true ??

I would like to give only one advise(although this forum is full of good advices given by other ranchers ) Just double check your answers . Probably I got overconfident and did not check my answers more carefully. It is always safe to be cautious. If any other help is needed I will be there to help in whatever way I can. Thanks again to all and see u soon,
20 years ago
Hi all,
look at the following 2 examples...
Example 1

What is the result of attempting to compile and run the program?
a. Prints: 0,1,0,0
b. Prints: 1,1,0,1
c. Prints: 0,1,0,1
d. Prints: 0,1,1,1
e. Prints: 1,1,1,1
f. Compile-time error
g. Run-time error
h. None of the above
Answer is ---
f Compile-time error A compile-time error is generated, because the second catch clause attempts to catch an exception that is never thrown in the try block.

Example 2

What is the result of attempting to compile and run the program?
a. Prints: 0,1,0,0
b. Prints: 1,1,0,0
c. Prints: 0,1,1,0
d. Prints: 1,1,1,0
e. Prints: 1,1,1,1
f. Compile-time error
g. Run-time error
h. None of the above
Answer is ---
c Prints: 0,1,1,0
Why does the compiler not complain about the WhiteException that is not thrown as it complains in example 1 for BlueException??
Am i missing something ??
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[ January 31, 2004: Message edited by: Jessica Sant ]
They r not only good but they r the best,
You should go thro. them without fail before giving the real one.
Hi Friends,
Dan's Q

Answer is h. ie. given as LinkedHashSet is subclass of HashSet.
But in K&B BK. pg. 422 in the collection hierarchy diagram both HashSet and LinkedHashSet are shown derived from Set. So is the diagram wrong ?? (It should have shown the LinkedHashSet as subclass of HashSet)
Kindly confirm.
Thanks Jessica, Vad and Dan.
I was thinking from the syntax point of view and not thinking in the sense that Jessica explained. (modelling the real world)
So I guess the answer in the exam is correct.
Thanks again;
(Vad thanks for being always there to solve my queries) Hopefully I can give you all some good news on Monday -- scheduling my exam on monday)
Ok then ,byee
Hi Friends,
Following is the Q of Dan's exam.

Question 16

Which of the following statements is not a true statement?
a. A Cat object inherits an instance of Fur and four instances of Leg from the Dog superclass.
b. A Cat object is able to sleep and eat.
c. A Cat object is able to climb a tree.
d. The relationship between Dog and Pet is an example of an appropriate use of inheritance.
e. The relationship between Cat and Dog is an example of an appropriate use of inheritance.
f. None of the above.

Answer given is ----
The relationship between Cat and Dog is an example of an appropriate use of inheritance.
An appropriate inheritance relationship includes a subclass that "is-a" special kind of the superclass. The relationship between the Dog subclass and the Pet superclass is an example of an appropriate inheritance relationship, because a Dog "is-a" Pet. The relationship between the Cat subclass and the Dog superclass is not an example of an appropriate use of inheritance, because a Cat is not a Dog.
I don't understand why "because a Cat is not a Dog.". I think as Cat extends Dog so it Cat is a Dog. Hence e should not be the correct answer. How is e correct instead of d ??
Thanks a bunch in advance.
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[ January 30, 2004: Message edited by: Jessica Sant ]
Hi All,
I gave the Khalid mugal exam by running the pgjc-engine.jar file.
Now after giving the exam (i scored 72% ( ) i want to see my mistakes. How can I see the mistakes I have done ?? .
As after pressing FINISH the application just closes . Does anyone know a way to get the questions and answers ??
Thanks a lot................
Hi All,
The following Q appears in javacertificate.
Which of the following statements are true? [Check all correct answers]

1 The notify() method is a static method of the Thread class
2 The notify() method wakes up a single thread that is waiting for the object's monitor.
3 The notify method is overridden in the Thread class.
4 The notify method throws an IllegalMonitorStateException

The answer is 2,4.
Now my Question is about option 4. How can I know which method throws what exception ? I searched the JLS but could not find it.
Are we supposed to remember all the method signatures(including the exceptions they can throw ?) If yes then where can I find it ?
(By the way the K & B bk defines the notify method as only.
public final void notify()
Plz. clarify regarding this. Thanks in advance.................
C ya,
Hi all ,
another one from
Which of the following statements will compile to use assertions?

1 javac -ea
2 javac -enableassertions
3 javac
4 javac -source 1.4

Answer given is 4. why is it so ??
Following Q is in
Given the fragment of code is compiled to permit the use of the assert statement but disabled at runtime. What is the output if showFact is called with the following parameter value: "Scott"?

5. public static void showFact(String explorer) {
6. if (explorer.equals("DaGama")) {
7. System.out.println("DaGama discovered a route to the East");
8. } else if (explorer.equals("Cook")) {
9. System.out.println("Cook reached Batavia, Java in October 1770");
10. } else if (explorer.equals("Armstrong")) {
11. System.out.println("Armstrong was the first person on the moon");
12. } else if (explorer.equals("Drake")) {
13. System.out.println("Drake was involved in the slave trade");
14. } else {
15. assert false : explorer;
16. }
17. }

Options given are
1 An assertion error is thrown with the value Scott.
2 Cook reached Batavia, Java in October 1770 is displayed in the console.
3 Nothing is displayed in the console.
4 Scott is displayed in the console.
5 A null pointer exception is thrown

Answer given is 3. Can u tell me why is it so ?? why not 1 ?
Thanks in Advance,
yes u r right Lovleen
the K & B BK is indeed the Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates book.
happy reading,