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Mostafa Radwan

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Recent posts by Mostafa Radwan

Thanks Roel for your prompt reply.

One last question, Is the data access (reads/writes) have to allow concurrent access as well ? I guess the answer is Yes.

So overall, there are two layers here one for data access(I/O) and the other for concurrent record locking/unlocking.

Hi Guys,
I am working on the design phase for the SCJD - B&S 2.1.1.

I just want to make sure that I understand something here and correct me if I am wrong.

There are two essential parts here:

1. Data Access: I usually planning on having some sort of an Access Manager that would handle data access tasks (I/O,DAO,DTO,..etc). That would make sure that multiple reads are possible and only one write for any record in the db file.

2. Locking Mechanism: That would make sure if a record is to be locked for booking or something like that, only the same client is able to unlock it .

Both of the above might be a combination of synchronized blocks and/or java.util.concurrent.locks. Is that correct ?


Hi Guys,
I sent an email about two weeks ago to '' to make sure it's OK to submit my SCJD as I downloaded it around 2006 and just started working on it about a month ago.

I just wanted to know if it would be OK for me to submit the assignment or not ? I got an auto-reply from them asking me to be patient as they will reply within 7 business days. So far , no response and it has been more than two weeks .

Please advise.

Hi All,
I am working on B&S 2.1.1 and in the design & analysis phase.

I am not quite sure if there's any locking needed when running the application in a standalone mode.

It mentioned in the specs "You may assume that at any moment, at most one program is accessing the database file; therefore your locking system only needs to be concerned with multiple concurrent client of your server".

Does that mean locking should be implemented only for the network-mode ? Please advise.


- Mostafa Radwan -
M.Sc | SCJP 1.4
Hi All,
I am working now on B&S v 2.1.1 for SCJD and would like to know which version I should use before submitting the assignment on August.

Hi All Ranchers,
Today I did it after about 6 months of part-time preparation . Thanks a lot to K&b and Khalid & Rolf Books,both of them will improve your understanding of hard topics.

I was somehow not satisfied with this score but I did expect to do so because I didn't answer much more mock exams (I did only 4-5) ,so
try to take (I planned to do so but wasn't able to because of time-limitations) 2-mock exams daily within a week (total = 14 mock exam) and keep track of your records to indentify weak points and recover.

I'd like to give a some tips :

- Try to have a plan.
- Read K&B at least twice and answer self-test questions carefully.
- JQ+ and are a great questions bank.
- Review.
- Do as much as possible mock exams to be able to manage your time andidentify your own weack points.
- Discuss any ideas you want online here(SCJP forum).

-Try not to take much more time on a question(at most 2 mins)
-Go through all questions for first-round review.
-Begin to answer one-by-one
-Mark unsolved or trick question
-Becareful to manage your time to be able to review(I wasn't able to review at all)
-Have enough sleep on this night

Today Exam wasn't hard at all,Just sharp questions most of them were on Exception Handling and little (very tricky) in Garbage Collections,
most of other sections was easy and only ONE fill-in question. Again,Do As much as you can Mock exams from anywhere as you can get online . This will give you an approximate range of your possible

Preparing for the SCJD is a long-way but I'm now eligable for Grabage Collection.
[ October 01, 2005: Message edited by: Mostafa Radwan ]
16 years ago
Thanks Karen for your reply and Good Luck for all of us.
Hi All,
It's just one day before the big show and I'd like to make sure of some point

I understand that Anonymous classes are very powerful to write code just in need without adding a new(stand alone or derived) class your desing. But I want to ask why does it only for overrriden/implemented methods and anything added to it is invisible elsewhere ? I can gess because it's a Just-in-Time (JIT) class without a class definition to be loaded somehow.

Consider the following code :

Trying to invoke method1() will print the overriden version of method method1() however any invocation to any of itw own members is forbidden (newVar or method2() ) so why ? :roll:

Hi All,
Consider the following form K&B:

My Question is wait() in line 9 will wait forever if code from 19 to 24 worked all at first . Is that ture ? and this can be solved my wait() version with predetermined period of time ?

Hi anand,
I think it doesn't need such long explanation. think about it in experissions so [i<20 ? out1() : out2() ] is an expression that is passed to a function that takes a String type as an input but when you look to the output of the expression it will be void which is not an acceptable input to println().

Take a look at this code snippet:

Hope this helps,
[ September 19, 2005: Message edited by: Mostafa Radwan ]
Hi All,
I'm preparing for the SCJP 1.4 and it's scheduled by the end of this month. I was not so active during the last fewdays on but I intend to do so within next two weeks as I belive that "the best way to help yourself is to help the others".

I know you're smart,updated,and ready to help anytime so I hope all JRs who are preparing for the SCJP1.4 or similar to be always together and I'll try to give at least one hour of my time each day to help others and ask some questions.

Good Luck for all who're preparing for the Langugae of the Future.
Hi Guys..
I'm willing to take the SCJP1.4 exan wuthin a month and I'll be very happy to be with this group to exchange knowledge and questions.
So I expect a day-by-day questions as we must be very active before the exam.
Hi Jay !

I understand your comment and I need more! :roll:
Hi ALl!
I know you may wonder that this is not an exam objective but really when i think about it I don't have a direct reason for the main() method to be static .

Need your suggestions
Hi all.
"In the Java programming language arrays are objects , are dynamically created, and may be assigned to variables of type Object. All methods of class Object may be invoked on an array" - James Gosling -

I think we all need to read more in the Java Language Specification( 2nd Edition) , Chapter 10:Arrays and you will understand that in Java (rather than C++) any array (primitve/Object Refernces) are considered an Object and all Object's methods can be invoked on it (for ex: args.length) .