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Mark Hissink Muller

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since Sep 15, 2003
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Recent posts by Mark Hissink Muller


Kindly I would like to request help on accessing a 'security_role protected' EJB on WebSphere 4.0.x from a client-application.

Since currently I don't provide the correct credentials, I get a CSIException [1]

Can anyone point me to an example of how to provide the correct username/password for a particular role?

- Mark

[1] - SECJ0053E: Authorization failed for /UNAUTHENTICATED while invoking (Home)ejb/bean_name create:0 securityName: /UNAUTHENTICATED;accessID
19 years ago
Thanks for your thoughs Jeanne. I solved it like this:

Kindly I would like to ask what is the preferred way of loading a file containing multiple sql-statements (CREATEs and INSERTs) into a (MySQL) database?

In the setUp()-method of a JUnit-test, I would like to freshen up the test-database by dropping all tables and loading a new default state. Since some of the INSERT-statements contain quotes (") or other special characters, I cannot just load everything into a single Statement.

Is there a convenient way to encode the data so it can be used in a simple statement.executeQuery(sql)?

Thanks for your time,
Kindly I would like to ask your help regarding a problem I have with a self-assembled EAR (using Ant), when testing under WSAD/WAS. Although I read Barry Searle's article at:
I would like to build the EAR-file completely detached from WSAD, with an Ant-script which automatically 'gets' from CVS, runs all the Unit-tests and if correct assembles the EAR. I've written a series of Ant-scripts which zip-up an EAR from all components, which I build separately.
(To my surprise) I've noticed that using a standard application.xml-file from another (exported) EAR doesn't do the job and gives me ClassNotFoundExceptions when starting the application. In some way a reference to the jar is missing. I suspect it might have to do with with the module_id in the application.xml which in some way doesn't match to id in the jar, but I could not find any info and I'm not 100% sure.
<module id="EjbModule_1063637237627">
Could anyone explain me what kind of issue I'm encountering and how to solve this?
Thanks for your insights.
Mark Hissink Muller
20 years ago