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Recent posts by Arun Prasath

I have been using Windows XP for more than 4 years and recently installed Ubuntu 10.04 in my laptop. The reason I moved to linux because my windows became very slow. I am loving the speed with which it starts up and the user interface is very very good. Its been few weeks time since I've installed and I've tried installing various apps and I dont see anything lacking in ubuntu.

I am very new to linux and I've heard that the automatic updates, screws up the system sometimes. Is this true? What are the other windows features that you see missing in ubuntu linux? I would love to hear your opinions.

13 years ago
I believe Manipal University and Anna University, Chennai are also offering this course. You could check at their websites.

15 years ago
For call initiation, and call handling, SIP(Session Initiation Protocol) is used. Java implementation of this protocol is available as Jain-Sip API.
17 years ago
In India, posting in works for finding job opportunities. My roommate posted his resume in, and the next day got 25+ calls from consultants and other companies. He is having 6+ years in c,c++, unix.
17 years ago
I am from Tamilnadu. I know little bit of Hindi. I always feel Hindi is a language which we can speak like the way we read it. I liked Delhi Hindi, as it was clear and easy to understand.
17 years ago
AFAIK, There is no onsite opportunity in Verizon.
18 years ago
Hi which transformer are you using?
If you are using xalan, then it has got xalan extensions using which you can call java functions within xsl.
If you are using Saxon, it also has got extensions in it.

Look at samples that come along with these transformers
Hope it helps..
18 years ago
This might be of help to you.
an article about insurance
[ November 29, 2005: Message edited by: Arun Prasath ]
18 years ago
Great Ad. Thanks for sharing this.
18 years ago
For being promoted in my current organization.
For completing SCJA
For being alive and healthy and peaceful.
18 years ago
Years of Experience: 4.5
Total No. of Companies 2 (including current)
Maximum years in 1 company: 2.6
Country: India
18 years ago
First, you should have oracle client installed in your machine when you use oracle oci driver.

Then look for the file tnsnames.ora inside "admin" folder of oracle client installation. This file holds the details of the list of services configured by your client.

pick the required service name and use in your java program.
I had bought that few months back from Chennai from this shop.
One more very good use will be that web application will eventually evolve to become like a simple client application like VB etc., where in, once the user enters data in any text boxes, the corresponding validation for each entry can be done.

Also depending upon input in one field other fields can be populated as well. This will be of good use as far as a big input form is concerned.
I am seeing such cases happening more and more these days.
One of my friend has been suffering from sever headache these days and when analyzed in Apollo hospital, doctors told him that it was because of over stress and he would need to take care of his health.

Another friend of my colleague suffered his heart attack at the age of 29, and this has led to shock in our team.

Back aches and neck aches are becoming common these days.
Care should be taken before it it becomes too late.
18 years ago