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Recent posts by Carlos Schweizer

My answer was like that, it's not the same nor succesor, there's nothing wrong, different technologies, but I have a lot of experience developing applications (also MCP), feel fine working with Spring, Struts (even WS Security with Axis2), the fact of mixing an Applet with Struts, EJB's, Hibernate and AJAX sounds a little creepy (sorry about my english, I don't speak it very well).
Sonneveld, Easter, thanks a lot, again.
Hi, I have done some work with Ajax, particulary with DWR. I'm familiar with all the background involved, and have read a lot of papers about Ajax, Ajax best practices, "Ajax patterns", so others.
I'm a Java professional, formed in the old school where the term GoF doesn't exists (someone who remember OMT...). why should not use Swing or why I must replace it with AJAX, like a old-new fashion ?
I have a particulary scenario, I'm using a JApplet with a lot of graphical objects(Graphics2D), images, and others. I want to use Ajax for text forms, in the same application.
I'm just a bit "deprecated" ? Or something good could born between Ajax and Swing ?
Thanks in advance for your time.
Hi, what about JBoss, Tomcat, etc. connection pool, why did i implement a new connection pool ?
A matter of concern is when the scope of my pool is when the application is running in different context than the pool, so we may use RMI or implement a new connection pool ?
Any sugestions ?
I know, but the server administrator don't...
Axis is the soap engine ASF standard and PERL is the unix admins prefered tool before shell script, but...
Anybody can give me an url about an article (or whatever) which explains technically why I should use Axis instead perl (...something like that "hey dude ! , rpc hello world is not a Web Service !" ) ?
Thanks !
19 years ago
OK, ok, it's not a dog fight, nobody can tell nothing about the future of a framework, or whatever, think that there are a lot of brains and emerging technologies around the world, nobody can say nothing about two month latter. My question was not about the future of struts. My question is about the aplicability and the performance os struts like a reliability framework to develop applications in a less expensive way than all mvc by myself. I start working with java with a notepad.exe and javac, (really for the SCJP was a good training ), so, if performance an "maintainability" (ups ! this is a new word in my vocabulary) are not weakness of struts, I really consider to adopt them to my work.
Thanks for post, i'm seeing the number of your posts and feeling like plancton (wale food).

20 years ago
Hi all, plese excuse me if this question does not fit here.
I post in security forum because my problem relates with. I need to crypt a private key with an symetric algorithm and I want to use the processor id as a key, so, if my private key is stolen, they have a little more job.
It's a correct approach ? I'm new on security issues, please forgive me if this question is not so smart. I look on the ranch for similar question but without results.
Thanks for all !

20 years ago
Thanks for your reply, and what's your opinion in matters of performance, and changeability ?
20 years ago
Hello, the MVC "architecture" is an old friend ? now, I'm bored to do all by myself, and the time is a resource a little bit expensive too. Someone tell my about struts, but in the fact, i don't know how can affect the performance adding a lot of layers. The other mistery is the learning courve, comparing with the learning courve of EJB, you can give me a clue ?
Thanks for your patience (and to read my bad english, too! )

Carlos Schweizer.-
20 years ago
... ok, ok ...
... take a number please !!! BACK !!! ...
so bored to reply my own message...
Mooses, it's done, finally I make it work, it wasn`t so easy(working with a damaged MyEclipse without debugging tools), and there are a lot of byte [] <--> char [] conversions.
Thanks again to those who spend the time reading my post, and all of the people who take a while to answer, in this and in the others forums.
20 years ago
Hi, I need to make a component to sign (with public, private keys)and crypt an info and send it from a web server to a web server. My first approach was to use a SignedObject but have some problems to put it on an input tag and send it by post to a servlet in the other side
(This is my first work with security issues...)
Then, I make the signature for my data(using SHA1withRSA), and try to put the data and the signature together, to crypt it all with RSA.
Mi first problem concerns to how put the data and the signature together, because when I cript the result and decript in the "other side", I don't know where the original data ends and the signature starts.
Tryed to put first, the size of the data, second the data and third the signature, but when I cript all (the result is a nice byte[]) and decrypt
in the other side the info is not the same !
Since "new String(byte[])" and String.getBytes() doesn't work like I expected ( byte [] a --> String s --> byte[] b ==> a != b ), I need to disturb the peace of the ranch and make this silly question !!!
Somebody could help me ?
Again, this is my first approach to security and JCE, I send two days reading about security, certificates, algorithms, providers, signatures, keys (etc...) and this is my last resource...
Thanks for reading my long, very long post.
20 years ago
How this book can help me with the exam 484 of the IBM Certified Enterprise Developer - WebSphere Studio, V5.0 ?
I'm working with eclipse and some plug-ins, I don't have so much experience working with WAS.
Thank's for all..
20 years ago
Thanks Bill.
Is the first proxy published in that server, and there isn't another web service on the server.
I look for another axis (or jar) but there is only one. I try to find another version of xerces with the same result.
20 years ago
Hi , mooses.
I made a proxy with axis that consumes a .NET web service. This works well on a development environment, but when I try to use it in a testing environment, I get the error ( writted in the subject) at org.apache.axis.deployment.wsdd.WSDDDocument ...
I put all the jars in the lib directory of my application
In a IIS with Tomcat 3.2.1
(yeah ! looks like some Jurasic, I'm a bit worry about that) (... I'm only a developer).
All works fine (servlets, jsp) so I discard a problem with the configuration of the Tomcat.
I didn't have any problems with another consumer in another application (now in production) with the same architecture.
Someone have any suggestion (migrate the Tomcat is not allowed ! )
Thanks for your Time.
20 years ago