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Originally posted by Aru Ven:

The subject of the post is
Shift Operators & the Author is Mark Szymanowski

Thank you aruna Actually i have seen the posting but that is in high level. I need in low level clarification. I have seen some explanation in Marcus green site? In that i didn't understand why when we are shifiting with 32 it is doing mod 32 operation and then doing shift.
eg: 10 >> 32 results 10 only.
in that site he explained that below 31 it will do normal shifting but whenever you will get more than 31 it will do mod32 operation and it will shift with the resultant.
like 10 >> 33
first mod operation carries i.e 33%32 = 1
then shift operation 10>>1 i.e 5
I need to know why this mod 32 is coming into picture.
Once again thak you aruna
Hi all,
I need some better explanation hon shift operators like >> << and >>> on isgned and unsigned numbers. If it is in low level i am very happy. ie. like when shift operator applies on a number how the compiler will convert that number and give it to the output?? like is it use 2's complement method or one complement method ??? please give some detailed explanaation so that i can work out on shift operators.
Thank you for java ranch for providing this chance.