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Recent posts by Kj Reddy

Congrats Jayesh!
10 years ago
I was never asked for original / photocopy of Mark sheets/Experience letters except Resume / CV for the interview.
I am based in India and not sure about other countries.
10 years ago
I guess you gained good knowledge to start as a Junior Developer. But to increase your confidence level as well to showcase your skills to your future employer, suggest you to take certifications like SCJP. Also if you could do some project it will teach how to apply your knowledge in Java in practical.

All the best.
10 years ago
Thanks Jeanne.

I couldn't get chance to go thru your blogs on TOGAF before taking exam but your blogs on TOGAF are quite helpful and informative.
10 years ago
The below 1.5 hours video by Craig Martin gives overview about TOGAF:

I could able to get most of the content from TOGAF Study guide after watching above video.
10 years ago
Passed Part I & II few days back with 85%. 1 year back attended a training conducted my company. But actual preparation started only 4 weeks back.
1st & 2nd Week - Completed TOGAF study book around 700 pages
3rd Week - Gone thru the training material given by training, completed pocket guide.
4th Week - Practice online tests, Open Group Mock tests, Revision of TOGAF study guide.
Took exam on the first day of 5th week.

In Practice tests I used score 50 to 55% in Part I, 70% to 75% in Part II. But before going for exam I was confident that I can score better in actual exam as my concentration was low during practice tests.

KJ Reddy
10 years ago
You may achieve short term goal of getting new job but, in the long term it will impact you. For example, after some time by experience you might eligible for a senior position by experience but you may not apply for it as your removed some experience.
11 years ago

Karthik Pitchaimani wrote:Hi

My first company has been closed and also black listed since January 2011. I left from my first company June 2006 (5years 10 months before.)
I have the ITPIN no and I was working Cognizant, Accenture and MphasiS. They have done my first company verification earlier and it was good earlier.

any issue will arise while i am joining the new job offer( new company) . or will they do the verfications all the years or last 5 years or..

kindly let me know what would be the best resolution.


If your first company closed or black listed that will not be problem for you. Moreover you left that company 5 years back, mostly background check will be done for last 2 to 3 years. So, you dont need to worry.
12 years ago
Even I don't see any problem. Your knowledge matters and not where you are working.
12 years ago
What is your project architecture / flow?
Whats your role / responsibilities?
What kind of technologies did you use?
12 years ago
Better to complete your notice period and have the relieving letter. Try to negotiate with your present company to relieve you before your notice period. If you don't have relieving letter it may cause some problems for your next job change. Now a days in India job change is becoming complicated because of background check and other things, they may insist you to show your relieving letter.
13 years ago
Market is very unstable, difficult to predict for next one month too.
13 years ago

Pushkar Choudhary wrote:Ok. Maybe I didn't mention clearly. Let me try once more.

My code did not have ANY comments inside a method. When I talking about comments, I was referring to the class-level and method-level comments which describe what that class or method does. Something like this:

Apart from this, there were no comments inside any methods.

Sorry. In my view the JavaDoc comments do not fall under "Too many comments" including JavaDocs for getter/setter methods. JavaDocs are quite useful to understand what the public method/variable will do without looking into the source code.

Ask them if they can provide more details on the feed back by providing them your opinion.

13 years ago