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Recent posts by Sudhansu Pati

MZ's Guide is very good and tailored towards the SCDJWS test. I took the test this week and can't think of any question that was out of MZ's Guide. RMH book is also good, but it was hard for me to understand the UDDI and JAXR form RMH. There are some simple diagrams in MZ's guide which helped me a lot to understand the concepts easily.
Hi Mikalai,

Well done, Sudhansu

Thank you for your wonderful guide. I couldn't have done the certification without it. The Quiz helped me a lot. It is probably a good idea to publish your guide as an official book.
17 years ago
Hi Nick,

You are going to study master programme in School of Business?

Yes, that is the plan. I am researching about different MBA programs in US and if I can get a good score in GMAT, I may get accepted in some good schools.

Some more tips about the SCDJWS test

1. Make sure to learn in detail (Stub, Dynamic Proxy, DII) about how a java client can invoke a web service endpoint.

2. There were questions about different layers and their functions (interaction layer, processing layer etc.)

3. Some of the questions were situational for example what types security technology would you recommend in some situation.

4. Make sure to learn in detail about the encoding restrictions in BP, such as ArrayOfXXX.
17 years ago
HI Bharat,

Glad to see you preparing for SCDJWS certification. I read lot of your recommendations for SCEA certification.

Any more tips on the exam? I am studying for it. When you say a lot of questions from JAXR and UDDI, what level of detail should we be studying at?

For UDDI and JAXR, you really need to have deep understanding at the API level. BusinessQueryManageger, LifeCycleManager, UDDI Publishing and UDDI Query APIs, how connections (for Registry) are created, what properties you need to set for authenticating the connections, how do you validate an URI before publishing etc. are important to learn in detail. There was some mention about EntityResolver too. I have no idea where that came from. Instead of spending too much time reading RMH book, I would recommend to prepare from MZ's guide. MZ's guide is really tailered towards the needs for SCDJWS.

From Security side, master XACML, SAML, XML Digital Signature, XML Encryption, Web based authentication (Basic, Form ,hybrid), role based authentication, authentication controlled by programming, HTTPS etc. etc. I spent less than 5% of my preparation time for security. About 20% of prep time need to go towards security. Well - I am suggesting from what I experienced, it may be different for a different question set.

To answer Nick's question

What is Next ?

I am planning to start preparing for GMAT. After getting a GMAT score, I have plans for PMI.
17 years ago
HI Raj,
I would recommend to go for SCEA first. SCEA probably has better oveall value (IMO). You will get an opportunity to design a real business problem. SCDJWS will help you to learn internal details about web services. If you are doing heavy web services implementation, SCDJWS can help. SCDJWS is a "developer" level certification where as "SCEA" is an architect level certification. NOte that SCEA costs $550 where as SCDJWS costs $150.
Hi all,

Thank you very much to the participants of the group. The discussions in the group certainly helped me to achieve the certification. Can't thank much to MZ's contribution. MZ's Guide and Quiz was really key for my success. I would highly recommend everyone to go though MZ's Guide and Quz at least couple of times. RMH book is also good. But if you have gone through MZ's guide, you don't need to read the entire 1000 pages from RMH book, you can use it as a reference guide.

The certification was hard. Hats off to the folks who got the certification with 2 weeks of study. It took me longer to prepare, may be because I wasn't too familiar with Web Services. Also it was the hardest certification, even harder than SCEA. My score is really low (73%), but I am happy that I passed.

Contents of the exam wasn't what I expected. There were at least 12 questions from security. I found many questions from UUDI and JAXR (at least 12). Only few questions from JAX-RPC (I was expecting a lot, like 10 or more).
17 years ago
This is very interrsting thread and I thought I should chime in. I have been pursuing Sun Certification since last year. I have acquired SCJP, SCJD, SCWCD, SCBCD and SCEA. Now I am preparing for SCDJWS certification test now and reading the RMH book. I think sun should break down the SCDJWS to two certifications: one is the multiple-choice test and second one is an assignment. The multiple-choice test should test the basic skills required for web services and the assignment should go in deep.
In today's world, it is not required to know about every single APIs to be be an "application developer" for web services. If you use JBuilder or other Java IDEs, you can easily create, surface and consume web services with the basic skills. But if you want to be an "R&D engineer" for some company, then you have to know in depth of course.
Yes.. I have heard people failing in this exam. Actually the exam is so expensive ($550), that people are not ready to take any chances of failure. So for some people, this exam may take more time than others. I would doubt if somone will submit the assignment before checking it several times and understanding the concepts in depth.

I know some folks who dropped the certification, because they couldn't finish.
Hello everyone,

I just checked my score this morning and got the following results. What can be a better gift than this for the coming Chrismas.

Class Diagram (44 maximum) .......................... 41
Component Diagram (44 maximum) ...................... 39 Sequence/Colloboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ........ 12

I was expecting a score in the range 85-95 and really happy to see what I got. I have lost several marks in the component diagram because I din't spend much time in creating logical components. I just laid out all JSPs, Servlets, EJBs etc. It was correct, but the examinor was also looking for something more.
I did lose 3 marks in the class diagram. May be because I did mistakes in the links with the EIS tier.

Class Diagram

I had 23 classes. Really high level, didn't include any attributes or operations. The Class diagram didn't include any JSPs, Servlets or entity beans. I had 3 session beans in the class diagram. I used aggregation, composition, dependency, generalization and association between the classes.

Component Diagram
I had about 50 components. Really physical components, not logical.

Sequence Diagrams
I had too many (13)sequence diagrams. I don't think it is necessary to have so many. But I started out the design that way, so didn't change the design and kept all 13 sequence diagrams. The sequence diagrams were large (3000 * 2800) and I included notes in all the sequence diagrams.

My documentation was also long. 24 pages. I had cleared highlighted the assumptions, the reason behind those assumptions and the impact of the assumptions. The documentation included tables showing all the components. I knew that such a large document is not required, but it helped me to verify the correctness and coherency of all the documents.

Total Preparation Time
I prepared 3 weekends of the part I and got 89% on Oct 18th. I submitted the Part II on 8th and appeared for the Part III on Nov 12th. I got the score on Dec 14th.
Congratulations Parag. What a Score.
Congratulations. How long did it take for Sun to do the grading ?
Hi Alex,

- Address has an unidirectional association to Customer. The navigability arrow is at the customer side, meaning that the responsibility lies on the address object. Shouldn't that be the opposite? Shouldn't a customer have a collection of addresses (home, business,shipping1, shipping 2, etc.) instead of each address having a instance variable to customer? I don't get it.

- Credit card is the same; it also has an unidirectional association to Customer.

Both your approach and Cade's approach is correct. You can keep customer info in a Address or you can keep Address info in a Customer. Remember you are just looking 2 classes here. When you will have 20+ classes in the class diagram, your design needs to be consistent.

Here is my recommendation - Go ahead and start the design the way you think. As you add more classes to the class diagram, some of the design choices you made earlier may be challanged and you probably will be forced to change the design again.

Good Luck.
Hi Nancy,

I am not sure for those diagrams, what should they start with...BusinessDelegate?

I am in the same boat as you. It was very hard to remove the JSPs from the sequence diagrams. Well I could have kept the clients separate from the rest of the sequence diagram, but in that case I would have 3 sequence diagrams for each use case.
Congrats Rose. Excellent Score.

By the way, not trying to beat the dead horse.. but did you have 1-to-1 relationship between Flight to Segment or 1-to-many ?

I just like to know if you can really change the BDM.
Hi Reene,
Congratulations. Excellent Score.

May I ask you a quick question. How many classes do you have in the Class Diagram ?

How many pages of document did you send with your assignment ? I just like to know the expectations from Sun. I have heard anywhere between 3 to 35 pages of documentation.