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Recent posts by John Ranaudo

Our environment:

Unix Solaris 5.9
Tomcat 6.0.26
JVM 1.6.20

Our application runs in two frameworks. One uses https one does not. I am trying to configure the tomcat connectors to work but when I get it working in one framework it does not work in the other.

I have been told we do not need to 'handle' SSL totally as this is handled by our load balancers. Not sure what these means.

For example: In one framework we'll get permission denied errors and the other will work. If we change things around the opposite occurs but instead of permission errors we get invalid certificate error.

The tomcat documentation on connectors does not describe the options very well.

<Connector port="80" protocol="HTTP/1.1" connectionTimeout="20000"/>

<Connector port="443" protocol="HTTP/1.1" SSLEnabled="false" maxThreads="150" scheme="https" secure="false" clientAuth="false" sslProtocol="TLS"/>

The above connectors work with the http framework but gives me the "mixed content warning" in IE because some requests are http and some https.

It's obvious I have not worked with SSL very much. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


John Ranaudo
13 years ago
When your defining your service contract why create a strongly typed interface as opposed to something very generic?

For example:

as opposed to

<report type="IncomeStatement">
<rows id="">
<row name="NetSalesRevenue" value="100000.00"/>
<row name="CostOfGoodsSold" value="100000.00"/>

My team and I are currently at odds to which approach has better value to our clients. I favor the first approach.

The first approach puts a data model on our service which is easy to understand while the second would require some metadata service to describe things like structure. The second approach (they prefer) is easier to consume because it does not take much logic to translate the response.

The other argument for the second selection has been that since the clients of our service know what an income statement is then they don't need structure.

Now I have read books on SOA and I understand the value of putting a model on top of your service but can anyone help me explain this benefit in a more precise way?
16 years ago
Recently I have been contemplating getting my architect certification. I am on a boring project with extra time I figure I can use to study and such.

I am looking for opinions on if getting my certification would enhance my career in any way. For example... find jobs easier, find better jobs, or find jobs that pay more.

Can I get some opinions on this?

Thanks all!
well said.

The only down side is the lack of keeping up with technology. I suppose a couple of weeks of studying can catch me up in the worst case.

thanks for the reply.
18 years ago
Hello to all,

Perhaps someone here on this forum can give me some opinions on my situation. I am a java J2EE architect independent consultant working on a gig in which I am very well paid (hourly) but the job itself turned out to be very non-interesting to me.

Essentially I was hired to architect and lead development of a complex middle tier system that has now been terminated. I was asked to join another project within the same corporation because of my talents in software development; mainly the requirements gathering phase.

The problem is now that this has become an customization project of oracle applications using some framework(OAF) developed by oracle for which I have no experience. I am coming from the weblogic/websphere world and am not very interested in learning this framework. I understand OAF but really dislike it mainly because I am not developing software and it is very unchallenging.

so my dilemma is this. Do I stay and stop complaining...or do I leave and make substantially less of an hourly rate?

Any opinions would be welcome.

Thank You.
18 years ago
I am starting a new project and it has been suggested to use OAF. After reading about it some it seems ok. How does it compare to STRUTS?

I am lean towards using struts because I know it and because it's more common. OAF does do somethings nice for you but I dont like the fact that I am using some components written by oracle. I prefer to write my own components or at least have the source code for third party components.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!
I could understand something being cancelled but it simply cannot be the case here. The reason is because they are implementing oracle e-business suite and a large number of integrations with legacy will need to be done to support the business running on oracle.

I think I may have come in too early in the game. He does not even have a list of high level use cases that I could view. Not even one sentence.
18 years ago
I think I let it get to me on the personal level. I know it can't be that because I hardly even spoke to the guy.

Most I did was put together a very generic high level overview of implementing and 'enterprise service bus' and description on some of the components that would be used.

I am happy to be on the other project however.

18 years ago
join the crowd.
18 years ago
Perhaps some of you consultants out there can explain this to me.

I get hired for a long term contract gig..after spending 5 weeks without a machine, I put together some documentation and some POC's. I never see my so called "reporting manager" and he seems like he knows nothing.

So I sent a pretty heavy handed email to my manager(consulting co) explaining me wasting my time and lack of information,etc. Now the money is great but I was figuring it was at a turning point anyway.

My manager (con. co.) has a status meeting. The client manager says he is going in a different direction and does not need me. Long to story short, I ended up on another project. I think the guy is actually confusing an adapter product with a broker product! Each has similar capabilites but are two different products.

I am trying to figure out the cause of this. Could I have done something wrong? Does the manager just not have any work yet? or is he just clueless?

Anyone have similar experiences?
18 years ago
Now the damn thing can't even generate a simple web service client. compile errors all over the place.
18 years ago
Is anyone out there encountering similar issues.

The wizard never seems to work correctly. I have a class returning the most basic javabean. When I use the wizard it does not generate the serialization classes for the java bean because even though I return a java bean class, the WSDL return type specifies only xsd:anyType

<element name="getCustomerReturn" nillable="true" type="xsd:anyType"/>

It should generate an XSD schema for my javabean and THIS should be specified in the above type attribute.

I've tried using axis runtime as well as websphere runtime.

Using this tool to develop web services is a joke. Perhaps WSAD would work better but my client is forcing me to use ration application developer (RAD).
18 years ago

ok. I have studied WS and created numerous prototypes in the past few weeks but have some questions still unanswered.

1) Is there an easy way to convert SOAPElement -> Element(org.w3c...)

2) How can I print out a SOAPElement(pretty print) without converting to DOM?

I am using the IBM web services runtime which is "THE" runtime to use in WAS 5.1.

Anyone else out there using WAS runtime for web services?

Thank you for any responses.

John Ranaudo
18 years ago
I am currenty an independent consultant and am incorporated, but it seems to be better to be an LLC rather than a full blown corp.

Do the firms (headhunters) out there deal with LLC's? Would this be a problem?

I am trying to figure out if I can convert my corp. to a LLC or start a new
LLC corp.

PS. anyone know of message boards for computer consultants?


18 years ago
I have been tasked with architecting an integration between numerous legacy applications and oracle e-business suite.

Can anyone tell what IBM products I would need installed for a developer workstation?

I know I need:

Websphere Studio Application Developer
Websphere Studio Application Developer Integration Edition
Websphere Message Brokers Toolkit

Can anyone add to this list?

Thanks, John
18 years ago