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Recent posts by jeroen dijkmeijer

I'm more a Spring guy, but my employer enforces the "standard java REST API implementation (JAX-RS 221)" implemented in Jersey. I don't believe spring adheres fully to this Standard (so it doesn't comply at all to this standard).
How could I convince my employer to use Spring Rest instead of Jersey?

8 years ago
I'm thinking of getting an iPhone 4, but my girlfriend is seriously against. (yeah yeah I know henpecked like a ..?)

Can anyone think of good arguments for me to get this gadget, and to stay on good terms with her. I'm thinking of diving into development at a later stage but not sure whether that will bring in extra money on the short or middle term.

I'm also not really a game addict (although I like harbor master)

12 years ago
Thanks Bear for your explanation. Maybe I was expecting to much of jquery version compatibility. On the javaside same issues have popped with spring / hibernate versions and I remember back in the old days the websphere server jvm vs the sun client jvm.

It is all part of becoming a more seasoned jquery programmer, which even the best book (= your book) can't teach me.
instead I have to learn them at a forum from the same author. I haven't seen many authors providing this amount of after sales, after finishing their book. A big thank you!!

Does this mean that a certain version of jquery-ui is tight bound to a certain version of jquery? so jquery-ui-1.8.10 only working and tested with jquery-1.4.4 for example?
Regarding the JSBin example I mentioned earlier: it is working correct under firefox, the jqia labs chapter 9 issue is not (all tested on mac os x).
Safari is most of the times doing what I would expect.
Pitty that it is not working that well such a nice api, reminds me of hypertalk.

No it only seems to work correct at the jquery ui site. JQIA labs and my own project are switching bottom and top for both object and destination. I tried using the same jquery js files used on the jquery ui site but the behavior remains the same (switched bottom and top).

Now it is getting bizar:
I wanted to visualize it using JSbin. Guess what? bottom and top are working as expected. However left and right seem to have been swapped: JSBin


jQuery(".dr-tbpnl-tbbrdr rich-tabhdr-side-border").remove();

To be honest I think that Microsoft should abandon the browser market completely FOCS (Firefox Opera Chrome and Safari) have all committed more or less to the W3C standards au contraire to Microsoft who was bending the standards to their own needs or agenda, and although they announce full html 5 support in IE 9, I'm curious to see what will happen, as it will also compete with their silverlight initiative

With microsoft's absence on the tablet, and phone market I hope to see a more than significant drop for MS browsers as a whole.

Having said that, my employer still has IE 6 as standard.
For personal development I completely ignore the MS browsers (but I don't have a very commercial attitude I'm afraid).

Yesterday i started experimenting with jquery-ui's positioning api but I think there's a bug I found it with my own little project and also with the jquery in action lab project (chapter 9 positioning) which I downloaded from manning.
I use jquery 1.5.1 in combination with jquery-ui 1.8.10 custom made for core and positioning.
the lab uses jquery 1.4 with jquery-ui 1.8.
I don't see the behavior for the jquery-ui demo site which is using jquery 1.4.3 with jquery-ui 1.8.10
The bug is that bottom and top seem to have switched. Looking at the tail and trying to align its bottom with the bottom of donkey's panel shows some unintuitive behaviour.

Anyone else seen this behavior? And should it be reported?

kind regards,

Slept a night, posted on another forum. And Gregg was right the "on" needs to be ditched. Apart from that this needs to be $(this), that was my jquery knowledge going rusty.
Another thing is the event, that gets encapsulated inside a jquery event, and can be unwrapped by calling

Not sure what the e.preventDefault(); prevents and if applicable and useful in jquery but at least it works.
Feeling silly, was looking at the wrong source,
in fact it is not working, removal of the "on" in event labels did not change anything either.
question is still in place.


Must have made a typo, too sleepy thick fingers or something. It's working now, unmodified copy and paste.

sorry for bothering you!
Hi I'm currently experimenting with html5's file api. And in particular dragging a file onto a designated spot on the page.
I found some example code which is working for me:

And I thought why not trying to jquery that into something like:

But that is not working, hopefully somebody can explain? It's been a while since I worked with jquery, so I may have missed some obvious things.


I have a nested list and I would like to put span tags around the text of the headers of sublists.

this should become:

I've tried a few things already:

But this puts a span around the text and the UL tag.

this gives an error (text()) is not a function

doesn't work at all No error no output.

I'm a bit mystified hopefully somebody here can help me.
kind regards,

You either need to check that it is attached or you need to unbind hover before applying it once again.

For the record unbind('hover') does not work, and for the example I worked with there is no need to check whether hover was attached.

Found it! Explaining the question is already 80% of the answer and using the development version of jquery made it completely clear:
instead of the googled mouseover and mouseout I should use: "mouseenter" and "mouseleave". Now only convince Google that this is the solution, so others don't run into the same problem.

remains the question why binding a function to the click event does not work for the <a href=...


Thanks for the answers so far and my apologies for the unthoughtful asked question. Below a code snippet which should clarify a bit.

with line 13 commented, out clicking the "click me" (why cant this be an <a href=.. btw?) will add functions to the mouseover and mouseout event of the red box. So without a click nothing happens, first click will nicely alert the count on the mouseout. The count is increased by one with every move into the red box. Second click will show alert 2 times and the count will be increased by 2, a third click will alert 3 times and delta will be three. This behavior is undesired, I only want two functions on the hover which will be replaced every time I hit "click me"
So I thought to be clever and I uncommented line 13, which I hoped, would remove the existing function from the mouseover and mouseout events and attach new functions to it. But that only works first time, second time I hit "click me" entering and leaving the red box doesn't do a thing.
Where did I go wrong? And what can I do to replace the functions on the "hover" instead of "piling them up"?

Jeroen Dijkmeijer.

PS This example does not show the need for the replacement of functions in the hover element, but in my real project, that need certainly exists!
PPS safari and firefox give same results.