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Recent posts by Enock Banacson

Hi All,

Please help, I am developing a Mobile advertising application on j2me, the major thing is to make my server a PUSH based service i.e. must send an sms at a certain time to a particular client that is on my database

I have tried to make classes for sending & receiving sms, now I need some help on connecting a database to my server class so as to store client details.

19 years ago
I asking for help, Anyone with a CellPhone Emulator Code that is Object oriented can help please.
20 years ago
Can anyone help, I am printing a text as a hard copy using Java printing Program.
The text that I print is placed from a textarea and is working very fine but further more I want to also print a JTable which is placed on a JPanel the problems is, I don't know how to do this.
For a text area I took it as "jtaReport.getText()" which is a String by the way.
I am stucked on how to print from JPanel now?
20 years ago
Can anyone give some direction here, I am retrieving records from
Database and append them on the textarea, well they come fine but the problem is with the tabing "\t". I used one tabing for columns and records(columns data)
After 3 records under appropraite column fields have been appended, the next comming ones seems to double tab i.e. they leave more space in such a way that they end up lying under wrong column fields.
20 years ago
Can anyone throw some light
//My program display some silly results. I put the following statement:
"SELECT * FROM Reports WHERE DateOfPurch = '"+jtfDate.getText().trim()+"'";
//then tell it to append those results to a text area using the following:
int result = new StringBuffer();
ResultSetMetaData metaData = rst.getMetaData();
int numberOfColumns = metaData.getColumnCount();
for(int i = 1; i <= numberOfColumns; i++)
for(int i = 1; i <= numberOfColumns; i++)
//but after the third column it starts displaying data in an unordely manner i.e. leaving some unneccessary spaces.
20 years ago
I have a nice program which I want to make it a stand alone(.exe) file so that I can make an icon for it and double clicking it makes it to run.
Summary of the question How to make a .exe file in Java. as it occurs in Visual Basic.?
20 years ago
Hi, can somebody help me on how to transmit voice between two computers using java code, one of them acting as a server or being peer-to-peer.
Will this make use of microphone port?
Thank u.
20 years ago
How can I make a button to do different events,
Say my Button text is 3jk and I want it display 3 on my text area when clicked once, display j on doble click and k clicking it three times.
20 years ago