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Recent posts by Bish Ach

Did u get any error while creating the connection pool? Or u get the error only when u resart the server??
[ December 30, 2003: Message edited by: Bish Ach ]
18 years ago
I am new to this framework.. I tried the tutorial provided at but while testing my browser gives http 404 error.. Plz guide me about the same..
18 years ago
Thnx Rashmi for giving me a wonderful explanation.
In enterprise solution entity EJB represents Database Data.Database data consists of multiple tables with relations.. Now if u want to modify those data in the database through ur enterprise application; we need the same relationship betn diff Entity EJB in JVM. So that any change of the object in the JVM can reflect in the Database.
[ December 09, 2003: Message edited by: Bish Ach ]
an any one tell me why we dont ipmlement EJB Remote Interface in the bean class? if we do what will happen?
Thnx in Advance
Be specific about uppercase and lowercase. The implecit Object that is available in JSP is "response" not "Response "
19 years ago
When an Instance of an EJB in a "pool State" is assigned with an "EJB object"(Wrapping of ejb instance with a ejb object) then that EJB instance can be called to be in "Cache State". And in that state a client can invoke the business methods.
[ December 02, 2003: Message edited by: Bish Ach ]
Hi All
where should I put my ServiceLocator class in the J2EE deployment Structure? I mean in the EAR module...I have an application Where in I found the "same" class both in the classes directory of the JAR as well as in WAR module. Could u plz make me clear about the same and if possible put some light regarding the workflow?
The application uses the following patterns:
Business Delegate
Data Transfer Object(DTO)
and uses Struts Framework in the web tier.
Thanx in Advance.
Hi I have a confusion... Cnn i not use Toplink for BMP Entity EJB? Is it meant only for CMP?
Hi Sri Can u plz elaborate a little bit on this topic? I mean how PK is associated with the bean even when its in pool?
EJB Specification says "The implementation of the findByPrimaryKey(primaryKey) method must ensure that the entity object exists."
Does that mean that we can call find...(pri...) method as long as we dont call remove for the ejb Object? Or put it in other way.. Does that mean that once u call remove() method on a EJB object we can not call find... (pri) method when the bean is in pool sate? Plz Make the doubt clear....
[ November 11, 2003: Message edited by: Bish Ach ]
The link below may be useful to u
[ November 05, 2003: Message edited by: Bish Ach ]
DAO is used with BMP Entity Ejb.. only
If U use CMP Entity and ur database changes I feel U need a change only in the deployment descriptor cos u dont have any access logic codes in ur cmp bean.Am i correct Lasse???
[ November 03, 2003: Message edited by: Bish Ach ]