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good that last oje worked fine...

now the prob is that you r putting extra .. in your action

write like this..

this will work fine..

if any more doubts .. do revert backk

18 years ago
i guess u r compiling from wrong directory...

u need to be at classes folder and compile using the following command at command prompt..

i guess this should work as if you are trying to compile from inside servlet folder then it will look for a folder named shopping inside servlet as u might have written

inside your

hope this helps.. if still in doubt do revert back.

Bye and take Care
[ July 20, 2004: Message edited by: Amit KumarS ]
18 years ago
wat abt my tag..

did that work... and for that error that response is commited.. check if u have written return statement before forwarding or u have used flush()
18 years ago

error is entry in struts-config.xml

u can add following entry in struts-config.xml file.. and whenever u pass error as i did in jsp:forward then it will redirect to error.jsp page in following case

hopwe this helps.. still still in doubt revert back

take care
18 years ago

i guess if u r using struts.. instead of doing so much u can do

i guess this shuold solve ur prob.. if still in doubt revert back
18 years ago
i guess u need to write scope="session" in your action tag of struts-config.xml file.
18 years ago
hi all,

thnx for ur help. i figured out my mistake.. i missed action-mappings tag in the struts-config.xml file..

thnx once again for u all's support..
18 years ago
hi all,

i am getting the following error...

the scenerio is i have a Login.jsp page in which i have written

and my struts-config.xml looks like this

i can't figure out why this error is coming... can someone help???

Thanx in advance

18 years ago
hi all,

i am new to ant. plz help.. i am pasting a piece of ant script

the values set are like followig

<property name="" value="/"/>
<property name="subproject.schema-export.path" value="schema-export.sql"/>

the file contains

#Fri May 14 12:46:15 GMT+05:30 2004
hibernate.connection.url=jdbc\ racle\:thin\:@(description\=(address\=(host\=\=tcp)(port\=1521))(connect_data\=(sid\=oradb)))

now the scenerio...

i figured out the schemaexport tag generates "schema-export.sql" file and then executes this on to databse...

but the prob is that it first deletes the tables created on the database and then creates fresh tables which results in loss of test data..

note: - this schema-export.sql file is autogenerated somehow and it has "drop table" at the begining..

now the question is how can i stop the previous tables from getting deleted if previous tables already exist...

plz help..

18 years ago
congrats to every one....
pak all out for 245....
saching taking the final wicket.....

time to celebrate guys.........

18 years ago
one more down....
count is now 6
Pakistan: 175/6 in 43.1 overs
looks like we will will again in 4 days with innings margin..

18 years ago
one more down...

pak 38/2 in 11.2 overs..
Balaji Strikes...
wat say guys???
[ April 15, 2004: Message edited by: Amit KumarS ]
18 years ago
india 600 all out

pak one down..
34/1 in 10.1 over
irfan strikes
does anyone smell series victory???
18 years ago
for refrencing the contextPath u can write in the following manner..

this should solve ur problem....
if still in doubt do revert back..
Amit Kumar
18 years ago
what i understood from ur question is that u need to set a value of the text box into some variable in javascript... if this is what u intended then the solution is below...
if u ment something else then let me know..
1. you can write a function in which you can write like this..

and rest remains as it is..
still in doubt then please paste the code...
18 years ago