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Recent posts by David Johnson

I could be totally wrong here.

I think you are asking if the php variables from an iframe are available to the page that contains the iframe.

It is my thought that because the iframe is somewhat it's own window running it's own page, you will not have access to the php vars.

Your best bet may be to use session variables to get something available to both pages, but without understanding your ultimate goal I cannot be sure.
I stepped through the book on Amazon and I think the book looks great. I have been involved with high and low end traffic sites. It looks like a book for best practices regarding CSS.
Until we hear from them, anyone have any guesses?

Mine would be 'designing for one browser type'
I am having trouble giving a hint because I don't understand the purpose.

Is the reason for deletion of the entire field on backspace or delete convenience for the user or data preservation?

Either way, there is an expected behavior in text boxes. Changing the expected behavior may not enhance the user experience, as noted in the typo comment above.

Please explain!