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Recent posts by Peter Reitberger

Originally posted by Keerthi Sagar:
I am using JXL for exporting data into MS-Excel sheet. It was working fine with the data in normal way.

I need to group the data in Excel sheet while uploading. In another way I have to implement "Data --> Group and Outline" option in MS-Excel.

Similarly I want to implement "Filter" concept in Excel sheet while uploading.

Please help me in this regard.

Thanks in advance.

14 years ago

I have a multithreaded application that uses HttpURLConnection to send HTTP POST requests. I observe that threads are waiting when 3 TCP connections are in use (3 threads are sending) until one of the 3 connections is released again.
All request/response handling works well except for the restriction to 3 parallel connections at a time.

My question: is there a (configurable?) limit for TCP connections imposed by the JVM or operation system? I use JDK 1.4. on Solaris.

Thanks for any hints,

I'm looking for a fast & free persistency mechanism for Java on Windows/Unix such as a local (file) database.

There should be:
- no license for development / usage
- no process communication overhead involved, i.e. the sw should run in the same JVM
- caching

The database is for storage and retrieval of small entries (~100 bytes). The maximum number of entries is ~ 50.000.
Retrieval of entries is done by a unique key. The database will be used only locally.

Can anyone recommend something?

PS: the API does not have to be necessarily JDBC as long as it is fast...

how can I issue a HTTP request with HTTPUrlConnection when the request has to be authorized by user and password? (I get a HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED response)
Are there any properties to set? Is there some code snippet in any tutorial?
Thanks in advance!