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Recent posts by mudassir shahab

Hi folks,
Do we need to take care of any DST patch in Java 1.6 and later. I believe that has been taken care after jdk 1.5 update 12. any idea on this.
14 years ago
i am trying to set color of a label in combo box using javascript....


its working fine in IE but not in FireFox...any clues ??
[ May 05, 2008: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
Hi ,

I am using Sun One Directory 5.2 as my directory server can i count records on a particular filter/search criteria using i am fetching all records and counting them manually...thanks ........
Hi, i am using dojoType="Combobox" as follows and it works fine . it sends
request to a servlet and key-value pair returns as it requires n working fine aslo .... however when i select any value from combo box , page is submitted
and returns to the same page .......but the it DOES NOT shows the selected
value in combo box....any idea how to do it ....code is as follows ....

<select name="customer" id="customer" dojoType="struts:ComboBox"
dataUrl="customer.dojo" style="width:137;height:20"
onValueChanged="javascript:callSomeServerMethod()" ></select>
i have two methods in my action that are save and list and two jsps respectively . when user add new record it goes to save method where i am using addActionMessage("record added successfully") and goes to list method
to populate all record list and and show on list jsp ...
1- if i use type="redirect" attribute in action in struts.xml ,
<result name="success" type="redirect">listRecord.htm</result>
i think it generates new request because of which it is not showing message set in addActionMessage method , when it goes to list jsp through the list method..
2- when i change the result type to type="chain"
<result name="success" type="chain">listRecord</result>
it shows the message on list jsp but another problem occured ....since it does not nullify the request in this case , the action set in request which is like this "action:save" creates problem. when i click sortable option of display tag , rather than going to list method it goes to the save method , thus throwing exception (in my case) because of duplicate record ...
....................... any solution ???
16 years ago
yes i have tried this also luck ...actually i have 5 textboxes like this

<input name="one" id="one" type="text"/>
<input name="two" id="two" type="text"/>
<input name="three" id="three" type="text"/>
<input name="four" id="four" type="text"/>
<input name="five" id="five" type="text"/>

i have tried changed the names also ...but what i have caught after hours...
is that when i delete four text boxes and remain only with one works ...
another thing if i delete the name attribute of all the tags works also fine.................sick n tired of this problems ..any idea or bug posted before like caching problem with ie or ???
16 years ago
i have a struts 2 form in which all the fields are mapped with the bean and are working perfect . the moment i added this html tag
<input type="text" name="customername" id="customername" > and i tried to submit the form is not going to the desired add method ..but it goes to the listing page where it should suppose to come after adding.......but the most strange thing is when i remove the name attribute of the above input tag i.e <input type="text" id="customername" > ..its working fine but now of no use because i coudnt get any thing from request.getParameter("customername") in add method...i have tried many names in place of customername ..but no success.
............any idea whats going on ...........
16 years ago
i want to compare two dates startDate and endDate . rules are defined in PersonAction-add-validation.xml ..the rest fields are doing fine .but date comparison is not working ...any idea how to compare that enddate should be greater than start date and also that both are mandatory ...n also do we need to define any date format ??..if yes to define format..
16 years ago
its done ..thanks Wong
16 years ago
not working buddy ..see my code ..where is the mistake

String date = "19:00"; // string of date to convert
DateFormat formatIn = new SimpleDateFormat("H:mm");
DateFormat formatOut = new SimpleDateFormat("H:mm a");
Timestamp t = new Timestamp(formatIn.parse(date).getTime());
System.out.println(formatOut.format(new Date(t.getTime())));

output ----> 19:00 PM ......... but the required output is 07:00 PM
16 years ago
i want to convert time given in am/pm to 24 hr representation and vice versa
like 19:00 should be parsed in to 7:00 PM
similarly 08:00 PM should be displayed as 20:00 .
how can i do it

from db i get it in datetime format using mysql ie ; 2006-05-18 18:30:22
16 years ago
Hello All,
These days i have started learning Spring ...i would like to know about the convention support in Spring ...for example ...suppose i have the context servlet "myApp-servlet.xml" which is the core file of Spring where we defined all the urlMappings, Dependency Injection and other stuff..
For large applications we need to define many url Mappings since there are many controllers ..
Question is there any mechanism (any Convention support) through which i can get rid of this huge url mapping tag ...i need to just write the controller and method name in the url and want to process it ...
any idea or alternatives ............
dear all,

i have installed Websphere application server 5.0 on redhat 9 . when i run the "./ server1" commnad while standing on /opt/WebSphere/AppServer/bin it gives following error....

./ line 92: 3057 Segmentation fault (core dumped) "$JAVA_HOME"/bin/java $DEBUG -Dws.ext.dirs="$WAS_EXT_DIRS" -classpath "$WAS_CLASSPATH" -Dwas.install.root="$WAS_HOME" $USER_INSTALL_PROP $SHELL "$CONFIG_ROOT" "$WAS_CELL" "$WAS_NODE" "$@"

kindly tell me what have to be done to start the server !!

18 years ago
hello dudes...

i want to start learning apache turbine framework ... but i couldnt find any tutorial for it ...can anyone suggest me a good tutorial or e- book for turbine.....i am not using eclipse, velocity or meta with it !!

thanks ...........
i want to make a rpm package.

i have a spec file and tar.gz file

how can i do this !!
19 years ago