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Recent posts by Soumitra Ghosh

Currently Weblogic is the market leader in terms of usage.
I don't think there's a definite answer to that.Go to the specific product site & check out what the IDE has to offer.
I like Visual Age for Java but I haven't worked enough in other IDE's to comment about them.
WebSphere is a descent platform.It needs some improvements in the test environment but otherwise it's a good server.
You can probably start with the EJB tutorials on the Sun site.
After that you can check out various books available in tha market.
I personally found Enterprise JavaBeans, O'Reilly publication &
Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans -Ed Roman(Wiley pub) good.
Both books have their share of bugs/typos.
Some of the topics may be a bit complex to understand initially
...but you will get a descent idea of the technology involved &
later when you work hands-on you will get a more complete picture.
Happy Reading.
Enterprise JavaBeans- O'Reilly publication is probably still the best book on EJB.
I would rank Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans after O'Reilly.
By Definition Home Interface defines a bean's lifecycle method which include methods for creating new beans,finding beans & removing beans. Remote interface defines the bean's business methods.
Let's take an example now.
An office can have many departments.So in your database you can define a table named department and you can have a corresponding
Entity bean defined as 'Department'(which is nothing but a view of your table).
Now to add a new department in the office you have to use the create() method of home interface of the 'department' Entity bean.Similarly to remove a department from office you can use the remove() method of the home interface.So the syntax will be like: Instance of your Home Interface.create() ;
Instance of your Home Interface.remove() ;
Now the department table can have many fields defined like dept. no., dept name,employees no. etc.
You may want to know which employees work for a dept or you would like to change some of the field values defined in the department table, you can use Remote Interface Methods like get<Employee_Name>() or set<Employee_id>() methods (which you can define for each field of department table).So the syntax will be like:
Instance of your Remote Interface.getEmployeeName() ;
Hope this helps.

The only problem with this site is you may receive your orders after 2 months, as was the case for me & many of my friends.