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Recent posts by rose hegde

My delete link is not a button but i am using as href...
so how to go abt it?
I dont know how to display the dialog box and than set condns...pls reply
I have a jsp form with backend code in java.!!
I have a delete option where i delete a record which is happening successfully.!!
What i want is that when the user presses the delete option a confirmation box should appear.If user presses ok than only record should be deleted...else if he presses cancel..than nothing should happen..!!
Can anyone help?
Thru jsp form i am inserting into a database few fields which has a checkbox and radio button ..
Insertion is successful...but when i want to modify this page...i get the text field but not the values of radio button or checkbox which i had previously selected and stored...i.e all the radio buttons and the checkbox remains unchecked only even though i had checked them..pls help...
20 years ago
I am posting the code...u r here today and u can help me today...Pls..
My first page is...

Now when i press submit.(or by link)..i get the values displayed in the same page..!!
Retriving and all at backend i have done in java..!!!
Can u help me now???
[edited code so people can read it!:Eric]
[ November 20, 2003: Message edited by: Eric Pascarello ]
I have tried a lot and i am stuck ...From a jsp page i call a popup window...which has a search field...where in i enter amy alphabet and names starting from that letter get displayed in a list box...when i click on a particular name and press submit...all the details of that name get displayed on the same popup page where as i want to display it in the main page...How to pass the value thru a submit button from popup window to main window..!!???
PS : If i search a full name and when only one name is displayed...thru the help of a href link...i wrote a function loadinparent and that name values are all displayed in the main window..In this case its not working if there r more than one name in the list...!!!
Now can u help me?
I am sorry but i did not get it...pls tell in detail.
I have a form:
form name is "name" has a link which opens a popup window to search names from the database starting from any alphabet...
in the popup window ..user will key in values and hit "search" and it will post to itself with the search results. And from the resulting values, user will select one from the drop-down list. I want that selected value passed back to name with the details of the repective name.
Till now i am successful in opening a popup window and searching names from the database and it also lists in drop down list retrieving from database.
But when i click a particular name and click on submit all the values get displayed on the same window ...whereas i want the popup window to close and details to display on main window...!!..All this is done in jsp..!!
I would be grateful to anyone who helps me...since i am trying this very hard...
[ November 19, 2003: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
In the jsp page while retrieving for text field i write ...(accessing from database thru java...i have written a function in hava called getleaverecord...)
<input name="txtdays" type="txtdays" id="txtdays" value="<%=leaveHandler.getleaverecord(Integer.parseInt(i),3)%>" >
which works fine...
but for checkbox when i write the same thing
<input type="checkbox" name="credit" value="<%=leaveHandler.getleaverecord(Integer.parseInt(i),5)%>">
it doesnt work....
so now can u help...if u did not get the Q ask me..
20 years ago
Thru jsp page with backend java i am inserting data from a form into the database.The form consists of textfields,radio button and checkbox.Values r inserted properly.
I retrieve the data to modify a single row of fields.All the values in the text field are retrieved.But when it comes to radio button or checkbox they r not clicked as per the value in the database.
Pls help.
20 years ago
Can neone tell me how to exit from a function in java?break statement is not working...!!
Apart from return statement is there any other way?
20 years ago
When running a jsp page i keep getting the error..."Operation not done as result closed where as i have not closed ResultSet.
Pls help
20 years ago
Than will u pls tell me how to do it?
20 years ago
Let me make my Q clear.
I have many fields on my jsp form ..the first 2 being emp no and emp what i want is when i enter emp no in the first field..than on change event of that text field ..i want to call a function where i query the database to get the name of that particular emp no and display in next field.
Pls help...
20 years ago
Can i pass a mysql query in jsp? And on event of text field change value of another using the query?
20 years ago