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Recent posts by Deependra Sharma

hi folks,

i have a problem.(so i m here).. this is logic

i have a class referring to many others few of them are transient and others not. everything is running fine too. i m loading and unloading them properly too.

i just want to know whether there is some tool by which i can track down what all classes can be referenced from this class hierarchy. which all are transient and which are actually gettin serialized and what are their serial version IDs. the class hierarchy is too deep and code too bulky to do that manually without error.

thanks in advance.
17 years ago
I have downloaded both ojdbc14.jar and oracle jdbc drivers from the Oracle site, but both do not support getTableName() method. It just returns an empty string.

What is the possible solution to this problem. I need to get the table name of each field in the ResultsetMetaData.
Michael can u please give me that which provides for such a support ....

g8ful in advance.
getTableName() is still not working at my end though i have got the latest jdbc oracle driver ojdbc14.jar can anyone help me with a working driver ?
i wanna know what is the way of killing a thread from a seperate thread besides using the depricated api thread.stop(); ....... i have implemented a threadpool which is supposed to kill a thread after timeout.
thanks a lot miller
u really explanined it well as well gave me additional knowledge.
what is the complile time error plz tell me-harwindar?
thanks a lot again for all the gr8 advice, all u guys (marlene,thomas and vivek) now i think i am pretty well started in prepareations, and feel i m no more a new commer kid going on well with TJLS and JLS , also doin some mocks that are rated as a lil bit easier by all u guys and getting more than 75% in all of them consistantly. of course programming live is my charm and i am on to it on daily basis.
but only one last confusion is to trust in which author for java certification guide ...i am really tied up between khalid and kathey, equally. and i really want the best
all reading this,plz mention ur pick
class Outer extends X
class Inner
class Unrelated extends Outer.Inner
Unrelated(Outer ref)
the above case is a slight modification to the one on page 126(Extending Inner Classes) in Java Programming Language (third edition) by james gosling.
the confusion is shoulnt the "ref.super()" have "ref.this()" instead super of the Outer class will refer to the constructor of class X
plz suggest,
Thanks a lot thomas ..... but should i straight away go with the mocks or wait untill i finish reading my java programming language by gosling .. i have finished reading java complete refrence.
again as andrae has suggested for khalid mughal book for java prepareation what book do u suggest thomas? actually i just wanna be sure that i have got the to best book b4 investing
another short question for all the more experienced...but a silly question ....cant i do it(scjp 1.4) without any certification guide book i.e just by taking all mocks and reading gosling and java lang specifications ? (though i would never attempt the big one without reading some certification guide book but i am just curious to know)
thanks a lot all u good pals (Andres,vivek and dan)... i really don believe such a fast responce.....javaranch is a real cool place
i have heard a lot bout dan's mock exam and i have the habbit of keeping all the good things for the last (once i feel confident i am gonna start bombarding all mocks) right now i am studing java programming language by gosling and have taken up mocks at and rules round up at both places i scored 75% and above. what do u think how much more is it to the destination like ( i am not too ambisious just 90% plus would do).
vivek can u give me the link to the mock exam on the sun's site.
many congs.
all the time u said was "youyou meme" but we r all very proud to say "wewe". be here always we all need a lot of people like u
18 years ago
i fully agree with this coz all objs r kids of Object and Object class has the default finalize method wich is always invoked if u havent overidden it in the class extending Object.
i m new to the forum.bout my self 1 year doin java programmming...and have a passion for core java prog...don like much of advanced stuff like J2EE J2ME.
plz instruct me
1.which book is better phillip heller or khalid mughal?
2.which is the book haveing only mock exams.(best of all)? do u know that u r well prepared?
i am currently reading gosling...i have read complete refrence.
plz help