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Is it only XMLHttpRequest in AJAX or are there ANY other advanced topics?
Object is an instance of a Class. You can create many instances of a class (Objects of that particular Class type)

You can refer to objects using references.
We use PVCS for version control. We label all the files for any test, model or prod deployments and create an ear with those files.
We also checkin that ear into PVCS with the same label as the one we used to label files.

That way we can deploy the same ear to all the regions (model, prod) and we know for sure that source is same for all.
Thank you all for your inputs.
I was wondering if there are any tools out there for 'Process'???
"3. Is a project more/less likely to succeed if the many (Dev/Deploy) roles on a project are actually filled by different people as recommended in SCEA?
J2EE Product Provider
Tool Provider
Application Component Provider
Enterprise Bean Developer
Web Component Developer
Application Client Developer
Application Assembler
Application Deployer
Application Administrator "

In real world scenario, its very rare that EACH of the above mentioned jobs are done by different people. Generally, all the developement (EJB's, Clients, etc) , assembling and sometimes even deploying can be done by the Developer.
Administration can be done by a different person as opposed to the developer doing it as administration needs more in-depth understanding ...
I agree with all of you,

In case of situations where it is impossible to deliver the agreed functionality, i would try to give possible alternatives to the customer. If the customer likes one of those, would be good for everyone.
Else as Lasse said, its better to inform the customer asap. Just my opinion..
But where do we specify that its a 'static' or 'dynamic' point cut?
Its all so confusing to me, probably i should read more on this topic.

Could you please provide a sample code to wire a web service in spring?
What are pointcut operations in Spring Framework? How are static and dynamic pointcut operations used and what is the need of creation of these operations?
what is formbean in struts?
17 years ago
Yes, even i'm waiting for HF UML if there is going to be one. Started looking at Head First Design Pattern, i just love the way you write books.
Can't say more
17 years ago
Thanks for the reply.

How does that work for protected classes?
Can we override the clone() method even for final & abstract classes as well?
17 years ago