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Recent posts by rajani peddi

Can s.o. explain me why an impostor cannot also send a hash, corresponding to altered/his text?

An imposter can actually do this. No one denied this fact. That is why it has to be encrypted with the senders private key which acts as a digital sign. One can instead use Message Authentication Code(MAC) which is produced as a result of the message and a secret key shared by the sender and the receiver.
19 years ago
Hi Mr.Stupid Patel ,
I have cleared my JCP exam with 84%. Infact your statement "Are you clear your JCP exam?" makes no sense and may be you should learn english before learning java.

Originally posted by vishad patel:
hi rajani peddi;
Are you clear your JCP exam?
if Yes, you are stupid .
Do you know about layout? if ,yes you need to clear your knowledge about layout.

Sai Ram9
There is no constructor matching Q21().
void Q21()
maxelements = 100;
The above is not a construtor but just a method with the same name as the class. Constructors don't have any return type....not even "void". Since you are having a one argument constructor the default(no argument) constructor is not provided. Hence the compiler complains when you say Q21 a = new Q21().
Hope this helps
hi Kruger Brent,
I guess that the server must be multithreaded to handle all the clients at the same time. You can start a new thread in the server each time a client makes a connection. I am not sure of this.... just my guess. i would appriciate if someone elaborates on this.
Thank you
20 years ago
Thank you saran.
The problem was not with the classpath. I downloaded servlet.jar from sun's site and everything was compiled well. I am now able to compile and test all my servlets.
We need not include all the jar files, i believe that the tomcat will automatically include them.
Thanks you once again for replying.
20 years ago
Hi saran,

here are the contents of autoexec.bat in my system:
SET CLASSPATH=c:\jdk1.2.2\lib\tools.jar
SET PATH=%PATH%;c:\games\tomcat\jakarta-tomcat-3.2.1\bin

SET CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;c:\games\tomcat\jakarta-tomcat-3.2.1\webapps\root\docs\api
SET JAVA_HOME=c:\jdk1.2.2
SET TOMCAT_HOME=c:\games\tomcat\jakarta-tomcat-3.2.1
I am not having any problem with import but only with what i have mentioned above. Can u look at my classpaths and tell me where i am wrong?
Waiting for a reply
thank you
20 years ago
can anyone help me with the above problem. Why am i getting this error - Superclass HttpServlet of class HelloWorld not found
when i give - public class HelloWorld extends HttpServlet {
Thank you
20 years ago
Thank you Nitin Shivaram,
the problem with the import is gone now. but i am still getting an error as:
superclass HttpServlet of class HelloWorld not found and
similarly superclass GenericServlet of class HelloServlet not found (2 different programs)
could you throw more light into this problem. is there anything else i am missing?
thank you once again
20 years ago
hi all,

i am new to servlets and jsp. i have succesfully downloaded tomcat 3.2.1 . i wrote a program and when i tried to compile it i am getting -
import javax.servlet.* not found
etc etc for all javax imports
i am running it on win98 and have jdk1.2.2
should i change my classpath so that it also points to javax package or anything like that?
Please help. i am struggling with this from yesterday.
thank you,
20 years ago
Wow!! congrats sachin. Thats a great score!!
20 years ago
Hello Vijay and Mahesh,
Thank you for your wishes.
Vijay i have actually done almost all the mocks lists in maha anna's page. I did all of them except -JDcert,Jargon,Java Exam Applet123,deepak's and Brain Bench. So all the others a fine and i used to learn something new from everother mock exam. Marcus Green was little close and easier than the real one.
Regarding threads....i did a lot of reading. i always used to make mistakes on thread questions and so i read and re-read the theory many times to make sure that my understanding is correct. . This is a good site and also the sun tutorial was very good. u can also have a look at this thread where i too asked about threads.
Mahesh regarding I/O i suggest that u first draw a heirarchical diagram of all the streams and readers. Go to the API and from there you draw a diagram and also read about them from the API. Revise them regularly, this is very important!! This is what i did and then found I/O to be the easiest. Also read velmurugan's notes. He has covered well in threads and I/O too.
Hope this helps you both
All the best

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20 years ago
ravi ckumar,
i don't know which book of R&H you follow but in my book(old version) the answer given is false.
20 years ago
Hi Ash and Janine...Thanks for your wishes.
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20 years ago
Hi friends!
I passed the exam yesterday with 84%. I am indeed very happy for the result. And a real surprise to me was that i did not get even a single fill in the blank type question!! All the questions i got were only multiple choice. May be i was lucky!!
Well the exam isn't very tough. As everyone is posting it is not difficult to pass and if you are through with the basics you will definitely pass.
The resources i have used are:
1. R&H
2. Complete Reference - Patrick Naughton (For only I/O and Threads).
3. Velmurugan's notes
I found his notes to be extremely useful. He has topicwise notes.
4. JLS , API
5. Maha Anna's home page.

I prepared for exactly 3 months. Did a lot of mock exams from Maha Anna's home page.
I would like to thank Maha Anna for her excellent work! and all the people at this ranch for their valuable posts. Thanks to Ajith, Bill ,Paul....i couldn't have done it without this site. Also i couldn't have done it without the help of my Husband who helped me in clearing all my doubts and concepts!

The test was little close to the MarcusGreen test 1&2. But some questions were little harder also. The GUI was very good and the time was ample. A lot of questions came from the earlier chapters. There was only 1 on GC. Threads did appear only after 35 or so. I got 6-7 on them. Util was very easy and basic questions came from them.
If anyone wants to know more about the exam or the type of questions i will surely help them.
Good luck!! for all the future aspirants

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20 years ago
In the first case the method is being ovverriden and in the second case its not. Hence the behaviour.