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Recent posts by Annemarie McKeown

That should have read src and not source. Sorry.
Still doen't work.
I am using xsl to parse information from an xml file to a suitable display on the browser.
Using the following xsl code I take the image href and desc from an xml file:

The resultant HTML is as follows:

The problem is - Why does the image display correctly on Netscape and not in Internet Explorer - I just see an x where the image should be, however the alt tag is displayed ok?
Please help!
im pretty new to xml/xsl can you do an if statement like you would in Java:
if <xml:element>="something"
How would you implement this in an xsl sytlesheet.
Example of xml source:
<Board Type="RO"></Board>
So I would want an if statment -
if Board="RO" {
out.print("Room Only")
I didn't know how to obtain information from three xml files, so I created a new xml file, which could be modified for details of latest special offers for the main index page only. Using xsl to transform the xml to xhtml.
I want then to click on the offers on the main page, and be redirected to the appropriate xml file, and look up information relative to that offer.
Again using xsl to transform the xml information
Someone told me that Javacsript was the best way to approcah this but like I said I dont know where to start, or how to implement.
Some guidance on how to start or approach would be helpful.
Many thanks.
I am developing a xml driven web site. On the main index page for the site, I have some information about the latest special offers on holidays.
I want the user to click on the offer, which will then open a new window displaying the full details of that particular offer. I dont know how to approach this in xsl? The main page info. is contained in an xml file, the offers are all contained in multiple xml files according to a particular category - 3 categories - 3 xml files. I want the user to click on an offer on the main page, which will look up the relevant xml page and display this info in a new window.
Someone told me to use a JavaScript - Have the details of each offers fields passed to a Javascript routine accessed via an onClick handler on a link. The JavaScript routine is responsible for popping up a window and showing these details.
But how do I implement this, has anyone done this before?, or any good code online to help me.
Hello ,
I embedded your code snippet into my xsl:for-each statement as follows:

The result displays the alt element ok in the browser, bit still the image is not displayed, I just see the standard X where the image should be.
Also where would I put parameters for height and width into your code snippet for the image, just as an extra attributes I guess?
Here is a snippet of my xml source file which is relevant to this particular problem:

Let me know if you can help please, looks like something so simple to me, but so annoying.
Thanks for your help, Annemarie.
That didn't work for me, error message:
Cannot use <xsl:template> here.
I think its because I have a for-each statement before I insert your code snippet.
My xml tree structure is like this:
<Media......>code like before in orginal post.
I have a xsl:template match="/" at the start of my xsl:stylesheet.
Can you help me further?
I seem to be having a problem displaying a image using a XSL transformation, and a source XML doc.
The source xml for the image I have is:

Within the xsl stylesheet which I am using to transform info. in my xml file to a suitable display I have the following code to retrieve the location of the image:

The image doesn't display in the browser.
I have embedded the xsl transformation in an <img> tag is it correct to do this? Could someone tell me the correct procedure to display this image using an xsl stylesheet transformation.
Does anyone know how to use a XSL stylesheet to transform information in an xml file into a SMIL presentation.
Help please.
I am pretty new to xml and xsl transformations and am currently developing an xml driven web site.
I have a main HTML index page, which needs to extract information dynamically from a number of xml files - 3 to be exact.
I have the three xml validated according to a DTD, these three xml files are also displayed throughout the site using xsl transformations.

Its just the main page I need to figure out how to import xml files into a html page.??? Can this even be achieveable?
Many thanks in advance.
I am using response.sendRedirect(url) to direct a user another url after they have input some info in a form and clicked submit.
So on the process page of the form, I want to display something like the following before the user is redircetd to another page:
"Thanks for your details...we are taking you back to....."
With my code, the user is simply redirected to the (url) in question when they click on the submit button, and doesn't seen the text I want to display.

Note: Ive just realised it would be something like JavaRanch forums, after you submit a new post, the user is displayed: Sit tight we are taking you back to url; before the user is directed to that url.
Do you know how I would implement this?
[ March 31, 2004: Message edited by: Annemarie McKeown ]
20 years ago
I you open dos and go into directory where Tomcat executables are ie /bin
you can start tomcat from same window executing:
Just type this is ms-dos and it should work ok. Thats what I did.
20 years ago
I am executing the following code to update a record in a database table to a new value, but im having a problem with using a ResultSet and an executeUpdate statement together:

The error im getting in the browser says -
Incompatible type for declaration. Can't convert int to java.sql.ResultSet.
Does anyone know how to fix this?
I have an ASP chat application.
main.asp - enter nickname, calls display.asp and message.asp
display.asp - prints "nickname" has entered chatroom
prints the message input from user from message.asp
When I click on an exit button (logout.asp). I exit the chatroom fine, but when I re-enter all the messages are still there from the previous time I entered, sometimes stayed there for a few days, when I was testing?
They don't seem to clear when you exit the chatroom?
Does anyone know how to fix this in ASP?
Many Thanks.
20 years ago
How do you limit the display of only a certain amount of records from a database on one html/jsp page.
I want to retrieve all records relative to my particular search, but I only want to display the most recent 10 items on one page, and make some sort of
1,2,3 counter - each number a link, to other pages which will display the previous 10 records and so on...1,2,3 links relative to how many records in database? I have an auto-increment table so I guess this will determine which are most recent or not, but how would I go about implementing my problem here?
Im working on a jsp app, so that is the reason I have posted this subject here, wasn't sure what forum it would belong.
20 years ago